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A lot of this garbage comes in with a caller ID of Largo, Florida, a tip off not to answer. I just add the number to my contacts on my Blackberry, then edit the contact by checking a block box so I never receive or hear any more calls or rings from them. It may seems counter-intuitive to add them to contacts, but it works on my cell. If you can do it with your phone, it may be the best solution.
Last Post 1 day ago | Number 7275813119 / 727-581-3119
Google "Nomorobo" and block these pathetic idiot losers. It's a free call blocking service that works well, I have it...your phone will ring one time and cut these losers off...once and for all!
Last Post 2 days ago | Number 4012003771 / 401-200-3771
nissan of the avenues following up on a sale from 12 years ago... desparate and pathetic.
Last Post 3 days ago | Number 9048664333 / 904-866-4333
Moneytree Merchant Services Lending Tree Flehx Incorporated others... Call center located at 88 Sunnyside Blvd, #106, Plainview, NY Asks for "owner", then when put on hold hangs up.
Last Post 4 days ago | Number 5166052667 / 516-605-2667
Didn't even bother to answer, looked up during ring saw it was a spam caller. Don't bother answering, report them to FTC non call list as well.
Last Post 4 days ago | Number 8592923796 / 859-292-3796
401-200-3771 = caller id = Bristol RI = google search comes back to 401-200-3771 = Shanice Allum, Willow Ln, Bristol, Rhode Island; SCAMMER; robo caller for spam = I am blocking and so should you....
Last Post 4 days ago | Number 4012003771 / 401-200-3771
Received a voice mail from this number, it sounded like an automated message stating that my social security number was under investigation by the state of Michigan. That I needed to call to avoid legal action. Total scam.
Last Post 8 days ago | Number 5862165013 / 586-216-5013
They called and left no message, just another spammer. Block it.
Last Post 9 days ago | Number 8017164701 / 801-716-4701
Block this #. Idiot Scammers
Last Post 11 days ago | Number 8592923796 / 859-292-3796
Citibank has made multiple calls to our phone number concerning a Sears account. We do not have a Sears account! These calls are becoming a nuisance!
Last Post 11 days ago | Number 8164201006 / 816-420-1006
Guy claims his name is Joe said he is a recruiter in my local area said he was calling from a recorded line and ask if I could hear him ok. I believe this is such a scam called "can you hear me now scam". If you look it up online they take the recording of you saying yes and is it to purchase things I suppose. This man calls many times every day from different numbers that are from differe...
Last Post 15 days ago | Number 9373191928 / 937-319-1928
Keeps calling never leaves a message. I called the number back and got an automated answering service asking if I wanted to talk with a recovery specialist. I assume this is some type of debt collector.
Last Post 15 days ago | Number 5039466930 / 503-946-6930
Called at 10:08 am. She stated they were an environmental group contacting homeowners in the area about their septic tanks. I told her no one in this area has septic tanks. She hung up.
Last Post 17 days ago | Number 8484802226 / 848-480-2226
I get several of these calls a day I do not answer calls I do not know. They do not leave a message. All I know is it is from Massachusetts. Very annoying.
Last Post 18 days ago | Number 7812982820 / 781-298-2820
706-617-6807 = caller id = Columbus GA = web search results in this number belonging to Deanna Ciotta on Lois Ave = maybe making money on the side = call center for a variety of nonsense, none of which I ever signed up for!!! I am blocking and so should you!!!!
Last Post 18 days ago | Number 7066176807 / 706-617-6807
762-208-4994 = caller id = Columbus GA = robo caller for debt collection agency hoping to "skip trace" someone who I never heard of = we've been here for over a quarter of century with same address and phone number, so what makes you think someone else lives here? = and then they demand that I give them our private info, including but not limited to SSN = at this point I ask them not to call an...
Last Post 19 days ago | Number 7622084994 / 762-208-4994
770-495-1791 = caller id = Ball Tom = keeps calling, never leaves a message = number, if not spoofed, comes back to Tom (67) and Catherine Ball, 3756 Turnberry Ct, Duluth, 30096-8022, Phone: (770) 495-1791; I've taken the liberty of posting the entire address as this is easy to find on the public internet = I am blocking and so should you....
Last Post 19 days ago | Number 7704951791 / 770-495-1791
Just had them call me too. Told me that my card had expired for my insurance on my phone. I told them I'm not the primary card holder and that the card was not mine. Then they proceeded to tell me that the payment method was still valid and that it was a mistake. Like ? How do you call someone about that then change your story. Stupid scam.
Last Post 21 days ago | Number 8773700610 / 877-370-0610
Caller I.D. shows V20116115500012. No message left.
Last Post 23 days ago | Number 6027300749 / 602-730-0749
805-557-7999 = caller id = 18055577999 = home brew call center = maybe spoofed, maybe not = this time for extended car warrantee...funny, I don't have a I'm guessing this is cold calling gone moronic....ugh....I am blocking and so should you....
Last Post 25 days ago | Number 8055577999 / 805-557-7999
I didn't answer. They left no message.
Last Post 25 days ago | Number 4234051356 / 423-405-1356
These a-holes are calling day and night and never answer when challenged.
Last Post 30 days ago | Number 8002551412 / 800-255-1412
770-807-3915 = caller id = 770-807-3915 = robo callcenter, maybe for variety of 'causes' = keeps calling, never leaves a message; last time was Hope House charity = if they are legit, why not put that on your caller ID? I can tell you why...because people are sick of the calls... if you were legit you would try other ways for I bought a call blocker and the number is on i...
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 7708073915 / 770-807-3915
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 8009510062 / 800-951-0062
I received a VM from Alison Kalyn. She didn't say why she was calling, just to call her back at work (855) 664-7219 or after school at her home (804) 200-0203. I won't be calling her (thanks to the information provided by others!).
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 8556647219 / 855-664-7219
Same as above. I owe no one anything. But when the caller had my last four numbers of my social. It really got me upset. When asked who this was about, they put me on hold. After twenty minutes of musac. I hung up and called back. Again put me on hold . This stuff stinks.
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 8559746086 / 855-974-6086
Received a call this morning from this number stating his name was David Washington, a minister no less, working also as the Prize Director for Publishers Clearing House. Said that I was second place winner, gave a winning ticket number and a cashiers check number. Then to call CEO, John McCarty Badge number 353287PCH at 1-716-754-3304 for more information. He wanted 2,500.00 as a claiming fee,...
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 8765945318 / 876-594-5318
Called about senior insurance, she said she would take me off their list. I'm already on all do not call lists know to man.
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 2527721458 / 252-772-1458
Got a call from several numbers, this is one of them all showing up as SSI in the last few days. This number shows up as from Manchester, Ma. Also got calls from 978-274-7024 shows up as Acton, MA and 978-8975-7003 which shows up as Hudson, MA and all as SSI. Seems like they try one number and if it doesn't work they use another. Just hang up and never leave a message. Have blocked all numbers.
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 9782747024 / 978-274-7024
The owner of this Cambria VOIP number is really desperate by phoning again today, less than 3 weeks since the last call on Dec. 29. Once again, when the call rolled to voice mail, the caller left no message, just dead space. This is typical of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who use automated dialers to troll the phone lines in search of gullible schmucks to rip off. Several posters ...
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 8052031039 / 805-203-1039

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