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Lately getting calls from so called "American Express" Do not have a card or account with them. It goes to voicemail. I do not call back or pick up. This is getting very annoying.
Last Post 1 day ago | Number 8888192135 / 888-819-2135
keeps calling three to four times a day
Last Post 2 days ago | Number 9802244842 / 980-224-4842
Yet another call from this Sherman Oaks VOIP number, 7 months and 3 weeks since the last call on Aug. 1, 2016. Once again, when the call rolled to voice mail, the caller left no message, but there was "boiler room" noise in the background before the caller hung up. Looks like this robocaller is trolling the phone lines, seeking gullible schmucks to victimize, after a 7-month hiatus. DO NOT BE V...
Last Post 4 days ago | Number 8056284055 / 805-628-4055
This (855) 839-5234 is NOT an official number for the company Pitney Bowes!! Please BEWARE and DO NOT give them any information. If it is a legit call from Pitney Bowes their company name WILL SHOW on caller ID. Also the caller may have a name or two of ones that work in your office but this is STILL A SCAM, they are able to somehow collect "inside info" to make them appear to be actually from...
Last Post 4 days ago | Number 8558395234 / 855-839-5234
Hello. And Bye.
Last Post 5 days ago | Number 8668195368 / 866-819-5368
Received call on my cell. 855-206-5351. Did not recognize number; have had many unknown calls. Did not pick up. Caller did not call back -yet.
Last Post 7 days ago | Number 8552065351 / 855-206-5351
The same for me, they never leave a message & I'm tired of getting all these type calls. I've just stopped answering any numbers I don't recognize & if they can't leave a message I'm sure I don't want to talk to them anyway so I just block them...I have more blocked numbers on my phone than I do numbers I accept or call
Last Post 9 days ago | Number 4075369911 / 407-536-9911
Received a call from (TMS LLC) 281-872-0761 claiming to be from Readers Digest trying to set me up on a 4 yr sub for $29 because the rate was going up to $49. I said no, so the girl said she could give me her rate for $19 and some cents. We had just resubscribed (thru Readers Digest itself). Watch closely who the caller is. If it's not from the source then beware. There's a certain amount...
Last Post 11 days ago | Number 2818720761 / 281-872-0761
678-809-9150 = caller id = 6788099150 = SCAMMER/SPAMMER ROBO-CALL CENTER = for a variety of scams/spams; this time thinks we give, they sell and then deduct ALL their expenses and then some and nothing goes to charity...maybe up their nose, but charity = not so much....ugh....and our elected officials think this is OK? Well then, there you go! Pray for us Elizabeth! Pray....
Last Post 11 days ago | Number 6788099150 / 678-809-9150
Another group of healthcare scumbags. One of the nurses maura burgard stole money and medicine when we were dealing with a dying relative and it really hurt.Don't want these healthcare scumbags ripping anyone else off.
Last Post 14 days ago | Number 8009940371 / 800-994-0371
Received a call from 321-549-5483, very aggressive/rude Indian male, who said his name was Roger Williams and worked as a contractor to Windows. Said that my computer was sending their server messages of significant error that my security software system would not be able to detect. Wanted me to Run program to find the errors. Very angry when I hesitated to do anything. Hung up on him. I hope n...
Last Post 14 days ago | Number 3215495483 / 321-549-5483
I stated not interested in school, that means NO NOT INTRESTED. but they still call wanting to know what courses your interested. Not looking to go back to school especailly when your looking for a JOB.
Last Post 16 days ago | Number 5162188046 / 516-218-8046
Called my cell multiple times. Said hello and then hung up on me.
Last Post 18 days ago | Number 6313397268 / 631-339-7268
I get frequent calls from this number based in Novato. No message is left. Suspected scam.
Last Post 19 days ago | Number 4152341298 / 415-234-1298
I keep getting calls from this number.
Last Post 19 days ago | Number 8777691876 / 877-769-1876
Called me 2x in 1 minute. One I didn't answer- no message was left. The other I answered, said hello and no one said anything. Call was disconnected.
Last Post 20 days ago | Number 8883469111 / 888-346-9111
Called after midnight Fri. night. (3/04/17) There is always some panic when you get a call at this hour with kids and grand kids living in other parts of the country. Pick up the phone and the called just sits there and does not answer. like to KILL the bastard!
Last Post 24 days ago | Number 6789059134 / 678-905-9134
Could not tell me the name of the person they were calling. Wanted me to tell them who I was stupid is that? Said they were Comwave, collection agency. I have no debts so...they are full.of it
Last Post 26 days ago | Number 8663554318 / 866-355-4318
Said they were with insurance company (LCN)... Tried calling them back no response?
Last Post 26 days ago | Number 9192751528 / 919-275-1528
I received a call at 2:42 on Feb. 28th from the above number, I was talking with someone and my phone beeped and I knew another call was coming in. I waited until I was done with previous chat and then looked. No ID was displayed so I let it go. After reading what others have experienced I am glad I didn't answer it.
Last Post 27 days ago | Number 8324760437 / 832-476-0437
Don't even bother to answer unrecognized numbers. They leave no message.
Last Post 28 days ago | Number 8592923796 / 859-292-3796
Calls repeatedly but never leaves a message. Don't know who this is or why they're calling.
Last Post 29 days ago | Number 7206058678 / 720-605-8678
706-842-2614 = caller id = Augusta GA = Robot caller for a call center calling for a variety of reasons = googlesearch comes back to = 706-842-2614, Susana Lagrave, Chestnut Ct, Augusta, Georgia: maybe a work at home person?; either way, I am blocking and so should you!
Last Post 29 days ago | Number 7068422614 / 706-842-2614
A lot of this garbage comes in with a caller ID of Largo, Florida, a tip off not to answer. I just add the number to my contacts on my Blackberry, then edit the contact by checking a block box so I never receive or hear any more calls or rings from them. It may seems counter-intuitive to add them to contacts, but it works on my cell. If you can do it with your phone, it may be the best solution.
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 7275813119 / 727-581-3119
Google "Nomorobo" and block these pathetic idiot losers. It's a free call blocking service that works well, I have it...your phone will ring one time and cut these losers off...once and for all!
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 4012003771 / 401-200-3771
nissan of the avenues following up on a sale from 12 years ago... desparate and pathetic.
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 9048664333 / 904-866-4333
Moneytree Merchant Services Lending Tree Flehx Incorporated others... Call center located at 88 Sunnyside Blvd, #106, Plainview, NY Asks for "owner", then when put on hold hangs up.
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 5166052667 / 516-605-2667
Didn't even bother to answer, looked up during ring saw it was a spam caller. Don't bother answering, report them to FTC non call list as well.
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 8592923796 / 859-292-3796
401-200-3771 = caller id = Bristol RI = google search comes back to 401-200-3771 = Shanice Allum, Willow Ln, Bristol, Rhode Island; SCAMMER; robo caller for spam = I am blocking and so should you....
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 4012003771 / 401-200-3771
Received a voice mail from this number, it sounded like an automated message stating that my social security number was under investigation by the state of Michigan. That I needed to call to avoid legal action. Total scam.
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 5862165013 / 586-216-5013

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