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Called about senior insurance, she said she would take me off their list. I'm already on all do not call lists know to man.
Last Post about 4 hours ago | Number 2527721458 / 252-772-1458
Got a call from several numbers, this is one of them all showing up as SSI in the last few days. This number shows up as from Manchester, Ma. Also got calls from 978-274-7024 shows up as Acton, MA and 978-8975-7003 which shows up as Hudson, MA and all as SSI. Seems like they try one number and if it doesn't work they use another. Just hang up and never leave a message. Have blocked all numbers.
Last Post about 17 hours ago | Number 9782747024 / 978-274-7024
The owner of this Cambria VOIP number is really desperate by phoning again today, less than 3 weeks since the last call on Dec. 29. Once again, when the call rolled to voice mail, the caller left no message, just dead space. This is typical of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who use automated dialers to troll the phone lines in search of gullible schmucks to rip off. Several posters ...
Last Post about 22 hours ago | Number 8052031039 / 805-203-1039
Left Voice mail about lowering my interest on credit cards.
Last Post 1 day ago | Number 6414217161 / 641-421-7161
Obvious SCAM trying to steal your information.
Last Post 3 days ago | Number 8558873942 / 855-887-3942
Obvious scammers. They pose as a credit union or fraud prevention. Hang up or don't answer.
Last Post 3 days ago | Number 8558873942 / 855-887-3942
They keep calling me every hour, starting at 6 am. From a company from San Francisco....I really want them dead.
Last Post 5 days ago | Number 4153761448 / 415-376-1448
817-767-1029 = caller id = 8177671029 = maybe spoofed, maybe not = robotic call center for a variety of scams/spams = actual number comes back to Magaly Shawhan, Co Rd 3088, Roanoke, Texas = this last call = home security offer with refusal to identify company, caller, call back number, etc; you get the drill...ugh...
Last Post 6 days ago | Number 8177671029 / 817-767-1029
Calls and doesn't leave a message.
Last Post 7 days ago | Number 2142107250 / 214-210-7250
it's 8:49 pm been getting calls from them all day they never leave a message so I finally called back it's a solicitor for health insurance I gave the lady my number and asked her to take me off their list and that I was as well on a recorded line and would appreciate the calls to stop. Let's see if it happens
Last Post 9 days ago | Number 8778398173 / 877-839-8173
I am on do not call lists - both Federal and State. Still get calls from this number with caller id showing Research Center.
Last Post 11 days ago | Number 8584017167 / 858-401-7167
Just confirmed with CIBC, that is their Number 3rd Jan 2017
Last Post 14 days ago | Number 8772753961 / 877-275-3961
Got a call from Hospital as ID. Think it was a survey from TelePrompTer spam. We are not near the 727 exchange. The person thy asked for does not talk on the telephone. Also I said we don't do surveys. No need to keep calling.
Last Post 19 days ago | Number 7278267531 / 727-826-7531
Got a call, don't know this number but it could be Scammers fishing for victims. There was an article some time ago that sometimes people will call from then hang up hoping that you will call back, and when you do, you may get directed to another number where the toll charges are higher than normal as they get a cut out of incoming charges. My Suggestion, if you don't know the number, bloc...
Last Post 19 days ago | Number 8766188350 / 876-618-8350
Still another unwanted call from this Cambria VOIP number arrived today, just a month since the last call on Nov. 23. Once again, when the call rolled to voice mail, the caller left no message, just dead space. This is typical of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who use automated dialers to troll the phone lines in search of gullible schmucks to rip off. Several posters have identifie...
Last Post 20 days ago | Number 8052031039 / 805-203-1039
This guy called and said he was from Publishers Clearing House and his name was David McFarlin and had been at PCH for 35 years and that I was to leave my package number with my wife and go to CVS pharmacy and meet Mrs. Margaret Seekon and pick up a certified check for $950,000.00 but I would have to pay a 1% fee of $9500.32 when I deposited the check in my bank. He said he was in New York but...
Last Post 22 days ago | Number 8764752523 / 876-475-2523
Our offices received a call yesterday (12/21/16) from the 'Asian' woman everyone is speaking of. She never identified herself and proceeded to ask questions as soon as the phone was answered. Just for kicks, I verified an inaccurate address and then hung up.
Last Post 26 days ago | Number 5102300880 / 510-230-0880
Rude foreign male voice kept askin ?s. then would not hang up, but continued askin ?s
Last Post 27 days ago | Number 7143524233 / 714-352-4233
706-617-6865 = caller id = Columbus GA = robo callcenter = google search comes back to Ula Dison on Vivian Ln, Columbus, Georgia = calling for someone who is not here, lots of noise in background with other callers talking to others....who knows which scam they are trying, but I am blocking and so should you....
Last Post 29 days ago | Number 7066176865 / 706-617-6865
calling on a SUNDAY!!!!! No message left
Last Post 30 days ago | Number 8442835487 / 844-283-5487
Received calls from 423-467-6123 on Sunday they left a message. Then received repetitive calls during the week. Since I was at work and didn't have my account information they asked for a full SS number over the phone. They say its about my home depot Citibank account, however didn't give me any information what it is about. I refused to provide my SS # and hang up. Next day checked my ac...
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 4234676123 / 423-467-6123
They keep calling me.
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 6159880941 / 615-988-0941
This is a SCAM!!!!
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 2818720761 / 281-872-0761
706-426-3840 = caller id = V213182634000152 = call center in Augusta, GA = supposedly to raise money for police officers, which I used to do until I found out that the police officers only get about 6 cents on every dollar = this is just a robo call center trying to make money for themselves under the guise that you are helping....6 cents...not so much...I am blocking and so should you....I am ...
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 7064263840 / 706-426-3840
Popped up on my MS W10 computer simultaneously when my internet connection crashed. The wireless adapter has been disconnecting frequently since MS confiscated my computer again and updated some mumbo jumbo that only 765 people in the universe care about. Told me not to shut down or I would loose all my files unless I called some sleeze bag from India or somewhere else where they have a corru...
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 8555457149 / 855-545-7149
Keeps calling while I am working, never leaves a message.
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 6167731608 / 616-773-1608
This number called my elder parents and promised a mercedes Bend and $45000. publisher clearing house winning. They wanted to say they would need some of the money back and wanted to know how close the bank is to my parents house. They gave the name Andrew Goldber at ex 5 at this number and Peter meyers. They gave the name Deborah Allen also. They have an appointment to meet my parents next Thu...
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 8765718325 / 876-571-8325
Called wanting my address & Social Security #. Keep asking who & what they were. I wouldn't give up the information . So they gave me a DOB that wasn't mine. They hung up. They keep calling.!!!
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 8558941090 / 855-894-1090
Person has called several times. When I called back he claimed he hadn't used the phone all day even though he had called within five minutes
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 7607933255 / 760-793-3255
The gentleman said his name was Michael and he was calling from Publisher's Clearing House. He said that I had won a Prize in their drawing. I asked him what I needed to do to get the prize and what it was? He said I had won 2.5 Million dollars and a New car and I asked what I needed to do. He said do you want this Prize and I said yes. Then I said according to PCH's Deborah Holland they would...
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 8762751503 / 876-275-1503

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