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866-247-1011 Artificial voice stating that I should call another number to re-license windows. The number they wanted me to call was: 1-866-438-0232. I didn't call it, but I am willing to bet that some Indian would answer the phone. Wish the Feds would hunt these criminals down.
Last Post about 5 hours ago | Number 8662471011 / 866-247-1011
Call from 754-260-0058; Caller ID Cell Phone FL: on Monday, 7/25/2016 at 5:25 PM EDT: Transcription: Female computer voice: The reason for this call is to inform you that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against get more information about this case file...please call immediately on our department number 754-260-0058...I repeat...754-260-0058...Thank you. <<OBVIOUSLY A SCAM; BLOCK THIS CALL>>
Last Post about 20 hours ago | Number 7542600058 / 754-260-0058
Call from 754-260-0058; Caller ID Cell Phone FL: on Monday, 7/25/2016 at 5:25 PM EDT: Transcription: Female computer voice: The reason for this call is to inform you that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against get more information about this case file...please call immediately on our department number 754-260-0058...I repeat...754-260-0058...Thank you.
Last Post about 20 hours ago | Number 7542600058 / 754-260-0058
This is Bank of America. They confirm information they already have, and describe your card benefits.
Last Post 4 days ago | Number 8772013564 / 877-201-3564
keep getting calls but leave no message.
Last Post 5 days ago | Number 9122080685 / 912-208-0685
just wanted to share that I too received such a phone call today, july19, 2016. A man who sounded like middle eastern Indian called our home to ask for my husband and asked to speak to him, I asked "may I ask who is calling, please?" He answered, "this is Lou". (All and all, I knew something was up, I could hear others in the background like a call center). So as polite and smarta$$ed as I want...
Last Post 7 days ago | Number 8174730583 / 817-473-0583
claimed to be from JCS and Associates, and asked to be connected to me for a call with someone else. Would not explain the purpose of the call ("I'm not authorized") - finally hung up when I kept asking questions.
Last Post 7 days ago | Number 6024124976 / 602-412-4976
Received a call from this number called it back and was told they were the Treasurer Dept and if I gave them my name they would look up why they were calling me. Fraud and scam.
Last Post 7 days ago | Number 2025583142 / 202-558-3142
I received an email from PNC with this number, but called the back of my card instead to verify. They did verify this number is the Fraud department
Last Post 8 days ago | Number 8558666950 / 855-866-6950
I got the same call July 5th. I have been to the troopers, FBI, filed complaints with the Federal Trade Comm. and I think I know who and why! They're hacking into our phones for bank numbers. When you answer your phone they just took complete control. Margaret A. Brossman 85yrs old is a retired foresic cpa for our gov. She sells dialing patterns to telemarketers and her family works at Microsof...
Last Post 10 days ago | Number 2532004228 / 253-200-4228
Got a voice message from someone claiming to be from Macys Consumer Protection Department regarding recent activity in my Macy's American Express accont. The number they called from appears on caller ID as 904-954-1207 but they asked to call 866-408-7878. Reluctantly I called the 866 number back and gave them the record number 2051 they left as reference on the voice message. The call was answe...
Last Post 11 days ago | Number 8664087878 / 866-408-7878
678-257-1465 = caller id = Bowden GA = over by the Alabama state line = telemarketer = and refuses to stop calling when I notify that I am on the DNC since inception, both federal and GA = ugh....wish we could just forward all these calls to the Whitehouse....
Last Post 12 days ago | Number 6782571465 / 678-257-1465
Getting multiple calls from this number, but never a message left. Time to block it.
Last Post 13 days ago | Number 8592923796 / 859-292-3796
Called the 3 pm, I could hear call center noise. There was a delay in the person speaking and asked for me by first name. When I said it was me, he hung up.
Last Post 13 days ago | Number 8283339312 / 828-333-9312
these scam artists called me as well just because I am retired doesnt mean that I am a chump...
Last Post 14 days ago | Number 2897685215 / 289-768-5215
678-918-4202 = caller id = Adairsville GA = different from this site which shows number calling from downtown Atlanta = either way this is a call center calling about a variety of sales and/or debts and/or donations = ugh = as this is a similar number to a friend I got caught answering too often...I have now purchased a call blocker and added this number to it and so should you!
Last Post 14 days ago | Number 6789184202 / 678-918-4202
This ain't Comcast. For those checking just in case you actually are looking for Comcast deals, Comcast does not have any records of this number in their database. It is 100% a phishing call.
Last Post 15 days ago | Number 8008634785 / 800-863-4785
762-585-8524 = caller id = Augusta GA = call center = this time for Police donations...I used to give, but when I found out they utilize 97 cents for every dollar to line their pockets, I stopped.
Last Post 16 days ago | Number 7625858524 / 762-585-8524
This is a scam!!! Nothing to do with the government or IRS.
Last Post 17 days ago | Number 8005951592 / 800-595-1592
This call is coming thru on both my cell and land line. At least 4-5 days in a row, approx 24 hr intervals. Never take the call, never pickup, never say hello. If I don't recognize the number, I don't want to talk to 'em.
Last Post 18 days ago | Number 4125330300 / 412-533-0300
I received a letter about a valid medical debt saying I had 30 days to dispute. Before one week had passed, i received a call from these vultures. I would not confirm my name, instead asked her what the call was regarding. We did circles for a minute, as she asked if I was so and so, and I asked what the call was regarding, until she yelled she did not have to release any information because...
Last Post 19 days ago | Number 8008232318 / 800-823-2318
SSA good number with a helpful and efficient Federal employee
Last Post 20 days ago | Number 8553695447 / 855-369-5447
This is a number in a spam message appearing to come from craigslist
Last Post 21 days ago | Number 6025527159 / 602-552-7159
A call to follow up on an auto insurance quote that I made online 6 days ago. This company kept calling me on the 4th of July from the same number, even after I had asked them to stop because I was enjoying the holiday with family! On the 5th call (in less than 2 hours!), I told the lady that I would NOT ever give them my business because they can not honor my wish to not be bothered on a holi...
Last Post 22 days ago | Number 3612297052 / 361-229-7052
This caller is a scammer. He says that you owe a loan; however, he cannot validate the loan. He says that he is going to call you at your place of business or at home until you do what he says. These people should be locked under a jail to rot. They are not legitimate and they harass you until you cannot see straight.
Last Post 26 days ago | Number 5182503607 / 518-250-3607
Someone from this number called me at 6:30 this morning!!! 😠
Last Post 26 days ago | Number 6032222210 / 603-222-2210
called me before common hours this morning. identifying themselves as an environmental agency and wanting to know if they were speaking with the home owner. I said not any more. nothing makes me grumpier than someone calling before or after curtesy hours.
Last Post 27 days ago | Number 8484802226 / 848-480-2226
They call often and do not leave a message. As like others here, I have used on line job sites.
Last Post 28 days ago | Number 8447699880 / 844-769-9880
spoofed number = telemarketer, spammer, scammer....
Last Post 28 days ago | Number 8003237672 / 800-323-7672
This caller offered me $225.00 for attending a meeting in Kansas City. This message was left on recorder as I don't answer unrecognized numbers. Spammer!
Last Post about 1 month ago | Number 7474449085 / 747-444-9085

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