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called me before common hours this morning. identifying themselves as an environmental agency and wanting to know if they were speaking with the home owner. I said not any more. nothing makes me grumpier than someone calling before or after curtesy hours.
Last Post about 7 hours ago | Number 8484802226 / 848-480-2226
They call often and do not leave a message. As like others here, I have used on line job sites.
Last Post 1 day ago | Number 8447699880 / 844-769-9880
spoofed number = telemarketer, spammer, scammer....
Last Post 1 day ago | Number 8003237672 / 800-323-7672
This caller offered me $225.00 for attending a meeting in Kansas City. This message was left on recorder as I don't answer unrecognized numbers. Spammer!
Last Post 4 days ago | Number 7474449085 / 747-444-9085
I told her to mail me something because I couldnt verify that she was with tthe "department of labor" and she said that was not possible, so I hung up on her.
Last Post 7 days ago | Number 2146516900 / 214-651-6900
Got 2 calls from this number today on my cell phone. As shannon said this is from SQM group with a message saying they are calling to take a customer servive survey from a service provider that I had recently had phone dealings with. All I can think of is I had called Sunlife investments for some information the day before so I'm thinking it is maybe from them using a 3rd party service to take ...
Last Post 8 days ago | Number 6479302854 / 647-930-2854
762-821-0873 = caller id = Columbus GA = keeps calling, never leaves a message = I do not know anyone in their = robo caller trying to find anyone who may have had a student loan which we never had but they are fishing and want all your personal info to check...or use in yet another scam...ugh...
Last Post 8 days ago | Number 7628210873 / 762-821-0873
i am gay
Last Post 9 days ago | Number 8005468456 / 800-546-8456
800-969-0059 = caller id = Windham Professionals = out of New Hamshire = Scammers = Here's the scam: current barac Hussein ossama administration has decided to help out students by collecting all past due student loans all the way back to beginning of the program c1965 and removing any statute of limitations (time limits). His belief is that money was provide to the white population and they n...
Last Post 11 days ago | Number 8009690059 / 800-969-0059
ask for my father who passed in 2014 then they hung up
Last Post 12 days ago | Number 6175811051 / 617-581-1051
Last Post 12 days ago | Number 5102057948 / 510-205-7948
Marcellus Tekell Warren St, Bremen, Georgia
Last Post 12 days ago | Number 7708248557 / 770-824-8557
770-824-8557 = caller id = Breman GA = about an hour west of Atlanta, GA = robo-caller for call center for variety of telemarketing crap = this time for home improvements...get around DNC list by not really telemarketer but wanting to know if you are interested...what? This is what use to be referred to as "cold calling"...ugh...
Last Post 12 days ago | Number 7708248557 / 770-824-8557
No message left
Last Post 13 days ago | Number 8006989638 / 800-698-9638
561-767-4149 = caller id = Boynton Beach FL = keeps calling, no answer = I am blocking and so should you
Last Post 13 days ago | Number 5617674149 / 561-767-4149
A pleasant-sounding but fast-talking woman called our office this afternoon wanting to speak with the person in charge of our printer supplies. (That would be me.) She said that she was with Kelly Printing Services and asked about the printers that we use. I told her that we had several kinds and that we are already under contract, and our toners and such are provided via that contract. She...
Last Post 14 days ago | Number 8552295561 / 855-229-5561
Left a garbled message to call back sensitive matter...if I do not call back then all she can wish me is good luck...Bite me Biatch
Last Post 15 days ago | Number 6463691936 / 646-369-1936
The call that I received made no sense. The caller seemed to be promoting some kind of insurance offer but then rambled on about the "offer" and could not provide specific details about what the offer involved. Definitely a scam.
Last Post 15 days ago | Number 8662713264 / 866-271-3264
Last Post 15 days ago | Number 2104241854 / 210-424-1854
call with threats
Last Post 16 days ago | Number 5022031403 / 502-203-1403
I just received a call from 18558174548 and they just hung up.
Last Post 18 days ago | Number 8558174548 / 855-817-4548
Medical supply company
Last Post 19 days ago | Number 8664076805 / 866-407-6805
Got a call this morning from this number and they immediately asked for my full SSN and DOB in order to verify I am who I say I am. Um, wtf you called ME, shouldn't you know who you're calling? I asked who they were and they gave some vague bs response about it being for "educational matters", and asked for my personal info again. Told them no, hung up, and blocked their number.
Last Post 19 days ago | Number 6176603200 / 617-660-3200
Insurance scam. Do not give info
Last Post 20 days ago | Number 4807479856 / 480-747-9856
Last Post 20 days ago | Number 4807479856 / 480-747-9856
This number called me two times within two min. I don't answer (800) numbers so can't say what they wanted, really annoyed when I get calls like that.
Last Post 20 days ago | Number 8442829753 / 844-282-9753
discount on my eversource bill. I don't have this utility. I don't qualify for this discount. I am called daily. I am constantly hung up on but todays caller was just rude.
Last Post 20 days ago | Number 9785983011 / 978-598-3011
770-375-4337 = caller id = Lilburn GA = google shows it as a cell number located in Duluth subdivision = suspect robocaller as no one comes online quickly and when someone did there was noise in background...other callers...could have been a call center which these days can be inside a just never I am blocking and so should you!
Last Post 20 days ago | Number 7703754337 / 770-375-4337
Last Post 21 days ago | Number 6479476511 / 647-947-6511
6/9/16 12:15p Received call as TOLL FREE CABLE reason I answered, I was expecting the Cable man to come to my house at any minute. I NEVER answer calls I don't know, as a rule; After hesitation on the line; a young woman's voice asked if my name was "Char.........) & I asked who she was; said she was with Save the Children. The jest of it was for me to call my Senator from Oklahoma (...
Last Post 21 days ago | Number 8775774095 / 877-577-4095

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