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Clinton campaign call
Last Post about 14 hours ago | Number 8592923796 / 859-292-3796
I have received a call from this # 3 times this week. I called it back & the recording said it was St. Mary's Hospital in California & to press # for an operator. A lady answered wondering how I knew it was St. Mary's & that most 376 numbers are associated with a doctor's pager. STRANGE.
Last Post about 18 hours ago | Number 4153761448 / 415-376-1448
got 5 calls in the last 2 days. I am on the no call list so I am guessing they don't know how to read? So I called the number back. Got a recording machine to leave a message. Hung up got my favorite song from youtube called the number back and played them some Christian music on that recorder. They keep it up I guess I can too.
Last Post about 18 hours ago | Number 8169747395 / 816-974-7395
I have no more robo. My phone rings 1 time then go to a recorded message. It's free thru the phone company. Check it out. And no I am not a sales person. I am a old guy tired of telemarketers and Policical phone calls
Last Post about 19 hours ago | Number 8169747395 / 816-974-7395
Indeed, these 4 elements remain included in the typical composition involved with recruitment metrics that a majority of businesses start using at present.
Last Post 3 days ago | Number 8778764999 / 877-876-4999
YES it is CVS Caremark, it's part of your Insurance people. Every time I answered it, it was to let me know a med was covered I was waiting on. Your name and DOB is on the internet if anyone wanted it anyway. And no, when you call to confirm, they have no idea who in the company was sending the message. Stop complaining and answer your phone, it's your insurance for prescriptions, and they are ...
Last Post 4 days ago | Number 8667041590 / 866-704-1590
219-225-1844 = caller id = 219-225-1844 = call center, robot dialer, before it was extended car warrantee, but my car 25 years old and does not comply so duh?!?; this time = better health care....illegal offer as I have Medicare and their insurance offer is actually illegal...well, then no one said a moron would understand they are wasting time....just one more no in their book and one less cal...
Last Post 4 days ago | Number 2192251844 / 219-225-1844
404-960-0236 = caller id = cell phone = may be spoofed = web search returns this result = 404-960-0236 - Marisol Sanon - Cascade Knolls Dr SW, Atlanta, Georgia = keeps calling never leaves a message...listed as scammer on other sites....I am blocking and so should you!
Last Post 6 days ago | Number 4049600236 / 404-960-0236
Our office phone just rang with a call from that number. As we have a general policy of not answering unidentified toll free calls I did not answer. (We also don't answer identified toll free calls if we are not familiar with the alleged name which shows up.)
Last Post 9 days ago | Number 8007093832 / 800-709-3832
This caller calls 6-8 times a day never speaks and then hangs up, been going on for some time
Last Post 10 days ago | Number 5862000162 / 586-200-0162
This number had me set up a magazine subscription for $44. Seems expensive and they won't let me cancel until I pay for it.
Last Post 10 days ago | Number 7015579315 / 701-557-9315
470-377-6924 = phishing SCAM = my cell phone received text received from = spoofed, albeit web searches show this number may be associated with VOIP & Qwest, which I believe is a provider out west (friends in Phoenix have them for cable in home).... BOGUS message = alert from "...insert your bank name..." call 470-377-6924 where they ask you for all your personal information.... ...
Last Post 10 days ago | Number 4703776924 / 470-377-6924
Last Post 12 days ago | Number 8667711104 / 866-771-1104
no message id..csi
Last Post 14 days ago | Number 8045969740 / 804-596-9740
Must be a scammer
Last Post 14 days ago | Number 8768306386 / 876-830-6386
I have been getting calls all week at my office from this number asking for Ms. Webb, I have asked repeatedly for our number to be removed from this list. the lady that called again just now giggled when I asked to be removed.
Last Post 14 days ago | Number 9543069641 / 954-306-9641
Got a call from this number. Voice was similar to automated system but was a real person. Said I won the Publisher's Clearing House Sweeps stakes million dollars and a Range Rover. Call was from Jamaica. Had to be a scam. Asked me for my e-mail address or mailing address...PCH already knows this.
Last Post 14 days ago | Number 8768306386 / 876-830-6386
I received a call by a man with an indian accent telling me that my windows computer needed to be cleared of a virus and he needed me to give him information to get into my computer. I told him that I did not have a computer and he became very irate and called me a liar. I told him to do better things with his life instead of trying to scam people and that made him more upset. He began telli...
Last Post 15 days ago | Number 9196926063 / 919-692-6063
I have gotten tree calls for the last 3 days they leave no message
Last Post 15 days ago | Number 9543069641 / 954-306-9641
Just got a call from this number. The first line they used was the IRS was was going to sue me. I told them to call me back at 1-800-eat sh*t. People these days
Last Post 16 days ago | Number 2026225000 / 202-622-5000
Call at least 2-3 times per day. I don't answer because I don't recognize the number. They never leave a message. They won't be getting me to talk to them if they don't leave a message.
Last Post 16 days ago | Number 5098222802 / 509-822-2802
706-580-5602 = caller id = Mary Predovich = keeps calling, never leaves a message = blocking this number.... 706 area code = north and northeast says cell phone from Columbus, GA
Last Post 16 days ago | Number 7065805602 / 706-580-5602
It's a survey. If you don't want to be bothered, block this number.
Last Post 17 days ago | Number 8448145432 / 844-814-5432
I just got a call from this number and a text, telling me to enter a web site that does not exist, and the number appears everyday on my phone.
Last Post 22 days ago | Number 8442585060 / 844-258-5060
912-339-8301 = caller id = Baxley GA = mid Georgia midway to Savannah = maybe spoofed = call center robo call for a variety of scammers = last time it was medical equipment, this time time shares...I am blocking and so should you...
Last Post 22 days ago | Number 9123398301 / 912-339-8301
calls at 8:00 AM
Last Post 23 days ago | Number 8444883732 / 844-488-3732
Scammer using text stating it was an Alert & I needed to call 844-707-9136, which is a know scam number. Don't return the call. File a complaint with the FCC Do Not Call List. You can report scam text messages to them.
Last Post 24 days ago | Number 8447078266 / 844-707-8266
received text message stating it was an alert and I needed to call 844-707-9136. The number to call is a known scam number so I did not call. I have not signed up for any alerts of any kind so I knew it was a scam.
Last Post 24 days ago | Number 8449279136 / 844-927-9136
Tried to get my debit card info from depends
Last Post 24 days ago | Number 8669809414 / 866-980-9414
770-274-3078 = caller id = Lilburn GA = call center for a variety of non-sense = I never say yes = so I don't know what their percentage of yes might be....ugh...I am blocking and so should you...
Last Post 24 days ago | Number 7702743078 / 770-274-3078

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