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She is PSYCHO Kimberly Tyler Brentner is a Lowe's employee formerly of Escondido, California. She is extremely mentally unbalanced. Kimberly has filed dozens of phony police reports against Co-Workers, Co-inhabitants and members of the public claiming she was assaulted, ETC. In many of the cases, the people she filed the complaints against were never in her presence and she heard about an i...
Last Post about 3 hours ago | Number 2027548119 / 202-754-8119
Calling in with the name listed as White in my area code. Didnt answer... I figured it was solicitation.
Last Post about 4 hours ago | Number 7065101860 / 706-510-1860
9/21/2016 3:22PM: Received man caller asking for Mr.& Mrs. Hanley. Told caller, no one thereby that name, they have wrong number. Remove my number from theirlist, do not call again, my number is listed on the National Do Not Call List.
Last Post 3 days ago | Number 5592243425 / 559-224-3425
As others have said, this is a company that conducts surveys for other companies. Companies like Comcast, Home Depot, Delta Dental, Cigna, etc. outsource to this organization to call their customers whenever they call their CS Dept or have services rendered to see how their experiences were. They are calling about a specific date (date of the phone call/date of apt/etc), so if you "don't reme...
Last Post 3 days ago | Number 8592923796 / 859-292-3796
Nom inconnu, j'ai laissé sonner pour que mon répondeur embarque mais rien, alors encore fraude et arnaque car ce no n'existe pas
Last Post 4 days ago | Number 4388002642 / 438-800-2642
This number called my cell phone in San Diego from Honolulu area code, and left no message
Last Post 4 days ago | Number 8088476558 / 808-847-6558
Hacker, working for a New York company that fronts for a Dutch firm that helps corporations hide money, moving it offshore. He specializes in hacking into whistleblower computers, phones, tablets. Usually, you won't even hear your phone ring. The number will just ob on your phone as a call. Real dirtbags.
Last Post 6 days ago | Number 2406692494 / 240-669-2494
Caller hung up when I answered.
Last Post 9 days ago | Number 9167426807 / 916-742-6807
I do not have a job, do not has ss, nor any income, I live with my sister and she takes care of all of my needs and she is tired of these phone calls, so please find it in your heart to quit calling this number, thank
Last Post 9 days ago | Number 2813242390 / 281-324-2390
pain in the ass
Last Post 10 days ago | Number 9165893498 / 916-589-3498
770-452-2101 = caller id = Villa Rica GA = keeps calling, never leaves a message; so another scam call...ugh...wish I could forward to our politician's that would be ideal...
Last Post 11 days ago | Number 7704522101 / 770-452-2101
Got a call from Title Source but they left no message. I am not refinancing or buying a house so there is no reason for them to call me. My advise to others would be to not give out any personal information over the phone until you verify with your bank that these people are legit.
Last Post 11 days ago | Number 3138771000 / 313-877-1000
Last Post 12 days ago | Number 8555253230 / 855-525-3230
Calls asking for certain person but will not leave amessage
Last Post 12 days ago | Number 6029102696 / 602-910-2696
This number calls several times a week and changes their number...although still shows ALA (American Lung Association) on the caller ID. I have fixed this problem....I got AT&T home u-verse about 2 months ago and I can go into my account on the internet and use "call screening". This allows you to store up to 20 numbers that will be able to ring your phone....all the rest will not get through...
Last Post 14 days ago | Number 2027702406 / 202-770-2406
706-780-5715 = caller id = Columbus GA = keeps calling, never leaves a message; google search shows: Lelia Macha, Windermere St, Columbus, Georgia = however, this may be spoofed and/or she is running call center from her home....ugh...I am blocking and so should you...
Last Post 16 days ago | Number 7067805715 / 706-780-5715
602-707-5503 = caller id = Phoenix AZ = Bogus debt collector = Obama signed presidential edict making all student loans not susceptible to statute of limitations and immediately collectible and as most of these loans were to white people, they now need to be paid (not my words = callers words) = trouble is, we had no student loans, don't know the party you are calling for in the first place and...
Last Post 17 days ago | Number 6027075503 / 602-707-5503
303-754-8681 = caller id = Vail Resorts = google search brings number back to = Elizebeth Cullum, Technology Way, Denver, Co = didn't leave message, didn't answer when I picked up...ugh...I am blocking this number....I am never going back to Colorado...the love drugs and hate guns...ugh...
Last Post 17 days ago | Number 3037548681 / 303-754-8681
706-842-3130 = caller id = Augusta GA = debt collector trying to collect from someone we have never heard of...may be part of Obama's attempt to collect old college debt from white folks...they owe it anyway...Obama signed edict saying there is NO statute of limitations on any old college debts...callers words, not mine...trouble is we don't have any college debt...ugh...
Last Post 17 days ago | Number 7068423130 / 706-842-3130
We received a letter today of "final notice". No company name listed anywhere, and it claims that the county we live in issued a lien on the date of my dad's birthday 6 years ago. First of all, we didn't even live in this state 6 years ago. An estimated lien amount of $18,258. Settlement amount of $1825. I really feel for anyone who believes this is real, and pays this scam of a company! I ...
Last Post 17 days ago | Number 8776521251 / 877-652-1251
I am dealing with a man from Mc lean, Virginia. his name is mike duglas manning. I have delt with many scammers nand pretty much know a scammer right away. I do enter many sweepstakes and contests. mike claims to be working with the sweepstakes winners as well as the organizations that put up the winnings for each contest. sort of a go between to make sure everything goes the way it should. he ...
Last Post 18 days ago | Number 7035375543 / 703-537-5543
Got a Robo dial who left a message saying to call back regarding a lawsuit filed against me. I called back during a time when they should be closed hoping a voicemail would give me the name of the company. It just rang and rang and then disconnected.
Last Post 20 days ago | Number 3476321187 / 347-632-1187
Called about 8:25 p.m. on Friday. Left no message on the answering machine. Caller ID says Sears Roebuck &, but I doubt Sears would be calling me for any reason at this time of day.
Last Post 22 days ago | Number 7033497270 / 703-349-7270
A man with an Indian accent called to say my computer had a virus. I immediately hung up, and he called right back and angrily said "go back to your country, bitch".... and he called right back when I hung up on him, to say the same thing again!
Last Post 22 days ago | Number 7001024713 / 700-102-4713
This number shows up on my screen. 617-6649 How can I block this?
Last Post 23 days ago | Number 9206176649 / 920-617-6649
This person has called me several times. What should I d
Last Post 23 days ago | Number 9206176649 / 920-617-6649
has been calling several times a week now asking for the owner- saying they have great deals to go over with the owenr about benefits. Go figure-health insurance is up for renewal.
Last Post 23 days ago | Number 9728610398 / 972-861-0398
Glad I checked here. They called re an inquiry I made. Wrong. I didn't.
Last Post 25 days ago | Number 8002464526 / 800-246-4526
They claimed to be the IRS... Lots of static... very poor connection... I gave them a dummy name and zip code and they still told me I owe the IRS $2189.00 from 2011 to 2014... and that I need to go to a local IRS Headquarter to pay it... I didn't get the address from them... LOL
Last Post 25 days ago | Number 2067450821 / 206-745-0821
called and did not speak
Last Post 25 days ago | Number 2025953461 / 202-595-3461

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