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get harassling phone calls from this ####daily 3 different ###'s same area codes. all sercits all busy when trying to return that call
Last Post 1 day ago | 202-666-5197 / 2026665197
Received a call from this number stating it was an officer regarding tax fraud. Number was invalid.
Last Post 9 days ago | 202-864-1661 / 2028641661
Last Post 9 days ago | 202-803-4955 / 2028034955
Very ghetto fem black amer voice/speech very unprofessional, with at least one, possibly 2 or more in background, Says hello, hello, ... To other person(s), no one there, there's no answer ? ...
Last Post 10 days ago | 202-969-0989 / 2029690989
Got a call from this number says "DC, USA" no called ID. I don't answer calls without knowing who's calling
Last Post 14 days ago | 202-410-2650 / 2024102650
no message, constant calling, caller ID notes; Gordon & Schw
Last Post 15 days ago | 202-618-3392 / 2026183392
Received call ref tax fraud.
Last Post 18 days ago | 202-864-1661 / 2028641661
Called many times.Never leaves a message.Always shows up on caller ID as US Home Survey.Calls in early morning or dinner time or late in the evening.They are desperate for someone to talk to/scam!
Last Post 18 days ago | 202-759-9992 / 2027599992
Received a call on 7/11/15 with a recording saying they are USA Home Survey taking a house survey of the neighborhood in which I live. DO NOT ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS, as they ask personal question...
Last Post 19 days ago | 202-759-9992 / 2027599992
Says tax fraud
Last Post 21 days ago | 202-864-1661 / 2028641661
Some dude with a messed up Asian accent tried to say that the IRS got a lien against me, that they were gonna seize my passports and arrest me...yeah right I wanna see him
Last Post 29 days ago | 202-241-1416 / 2022411416
They said the grant department chose me to get $9000 in free money because they said I didn't file for bankruptcy in the last 8 months. I told them I wasn't interested and hey hang up. This happene...
Last Post about 1 month ago | 202-436-9793 / 2024369793
I got a call from this number identifying itself as the IRS with a message to call 202-681-4863 or further action will be taken. Law enforcement should find out who this is and stop them.
Last Post about 1 month ago | 202-622-5000 / 2026225000
I also got a called on june 18.2015 from a girl name kari
Last Post about 1 month ago | 202-738-1191 / 2027381191
770-814-6804 = caller id = V618162023001488 = keeps calling, never leaves a message = bogus caller = maybe someone w/more experience can decipher the caller ID = IE: I've been told that 61816 = d...
Last Post about 1 month ago | 202-300-6488 / 2023006488
6-11-15 THIS IS A SCAM!!! Got a call from this number. The caller said his name was Chris Walker with the IRS. When asked for an employee number he gave me one. He had an Indian accent the at tim...
Last Post about 1 month ago | 202-622-5000 / 2026225000
It was a digital voice speaking very quickly but it said I was being sued by the IRS. I was concerned because I do owe the IRS money. But this call appears to be apart of the scam.
Last Post about 1 month ago | 202-241-2107 / 2022412107
Called me at 3pm 6/10/2015. I don't answer calls that have no caller ID or numbers that are out of state. I let it go to the answering machine. They left different number to call back about 4 dif...
Last Post about 1 month ago | 202-622-5000 / 2026225000
I have gotten several calls from this number with no message when I didn't answer it. I just called it back, it's the Democratic National Convention. 202-470-4547. I donated to them this year, so i...
Last Post about 1 month ago | 202-470-4547 / 2024704547
got a call from this number said to send them 250.00 western union andm they will send me 9000 dollar grant that I don't have to pay back
Last Post about 1 month ago | 202-657-4642 / 2026574642
Called, hung up upon answering and no message. Repeated calls
Last Post about 1 month ago | 202-870-5965 / 2028705965
never answer they never leave a message
Last Post 2 months ago | 202-386-6783 / 2023866783
I am getting calls from this number claiming to be the IRS and threatening to sue me. Please block this number.
Last Post 2 months ago | 202-864-1214 / 2028641214
they said they are national grids supplier and i qualify for a 15% bill reduction for paying my bill on time. now i know this was fake because i never pay national grid on time. they asked me to ge...
Last Post 2 months ago | 202-555-0109 / 2025550109
If you have time, want some laughs and have the minutes to spare, call this MFer and leave nasty messages for this scammer.
Last Post 2 months ago | 202-241-1093 / 2022411093
once a week I get a call from this number there is never anyone on the line
Last Post 3 months ago | 202-601-3230 / 2026013230
A man named AJ Nash Brown called, gave me a case number and an irs badge number. He demanded i wire 4000 dollars via only wells fargo or bank of america. Make it out to the attorney general is what...
Last Post 3 months ago | 202-622-5000 / 2026225000
Though it is true I enjoy your writing style, I don't agree with your main point of view about this one. I do delight in your website nevertheless. edbeeeegfbee
Last Post 3 months ago | 202-864-1313 / 2028641313
Number is active as of 4/29/2015. Message threatens IRS lawsuit unless receiver of call returns the call. Caller ID shows number as 202-436-9013 Washington DC.
Last Post 3 months ago | 202-436-9013 / 2024369013
My aunt just got a call from this number claiming the exact same thing Received a call stating hackers were trying to get into my computer. Caller stated they were from Microsoft and wanted my I...
Last Post 3 months ago | 202-446-2086 / 2024462086

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