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This is a scam. Do not provide the caller with any information and please hang up when called.
Last Post about 12 hours ago | 202-810-8171 / +12028108171
I just got a call from a man named Jonathan Smith, he was trying to reach my mother and I asked for his name and what the purpose was for calling because she was not home and he said she needs to c...
Last Post about 14 hours ago | 202-506-8118 / +12025068118
I have also been receiving calls from this number. I am glad to know it is a scam.
Last Post about 14 hours ago | 202-241-8537 / +12022418537
Pretty much same as the above, except rather than IRS the Indians (called thrice) acted like police needing to discuss criminal charges against me. Added to my blocked # list. Dumbasses.
Last Post 1 day ago | 202-239-2903 / +12022392903
Same thing happened to me. Girl with Indian accent called saying there is arrest warrant for me because of tax issue. The transferred me to a guy with Indian accent. Telling me I need a lawyer and ...
Last Post 1 day ago | 202-241-7182 / +12022417182
This person has been calling talking about I owe the IRS. SAYS his name is Steve Clark criminal investigator with the IRS. Badge #9825. Wanted me to pay 990.00 through some kind of government bond.
Last Post 1 day ago | 202-241-7691 / +12022417691
Exactly who am I submitting this comment to? And why do you want this number?
Last Post 2 days ago | 202-650-6149 / +12026506149
I got these "IRS" spam calles recently. the latest 2 were from 930-568-3601.
Last Post 2 days ago | 202-864-1198 / +12028641198
This number (202-657-2521) keeps calling me and they will not leave a message. I tried to call back to get my number removed from their list and keep getting busy tone. My next step will be block...
Last Post 2 days ago | 202-657-2521 / +12026572521
Yes, I got the same BS.. Federal Investigation Bureau -HQ in DC. Can't even tell me who exactly is taking legal action against me. Don't believe their intimidating message. Ignore it and block th...
Last Post 3 days ago | 202-241-0921 / +12022410921
That their was some type of legal action against me and that I was identified either by name of my social security number and that I needed to return his call before this matter went to court. Call...
Last Post 3 days ago | 202-241-8767 / +12022418767
I received a email talking about that i owed about $740.00 on a outstanding payday loan which i know is BS the email hand my SSN# the company i work for etc.somebody catch whoever is doing this cau...
Last Post 3 days ago | 202-864-1301 / +12028641301
This company not only called me threatening that I'd be arrested for fraud they so sent me an email saying that I am being arrested a warrant is being issued and I will owe alot of money. They clai...
Last Post 3 days ago | 202-697-9916 / +12026979916
called me on my cellphone and I don't recognize the number
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-621-0020 / +12026210020
Got two calls from this number. I answered the second. The first person had a heavy middle eastern accent and said his name was Edward King. From what I could understand he was saying something ab...
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-241-0649 / +12022410649
received a call from this as well..... not interested, thought it was legit when I "signed in for free membership into National Assoc. of Professional Women " ........ now receiving unsolicited ph...
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-602-0460 / +12026020460
Yes, Officer Jonathan Knight (seriously? He picked the guy's name from the New Kids on the Block) called and said I'm a fraud committer and it was urgent to fix this matter. Creep.
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-464-8489 / +12024648489
Don't waste time on answering phone from 202-2396520 from IRS Washington DC for taxes warrant, I told him I am recording, instead you dispatch police to arrest, I prefer turn myself in to police, I...
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-239-6520 / +12022396520
They call every day at various times (from early morning to late at night) When I answer no one speaks and then they hang up. I wish there was a way to block their call from coming through (especia...
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-770-2262 / +12027702262
this guy just left a message on my machine.... sounded indian, same comment as "Sam" stated above.
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-241-8159 / +12022418159
I have received a call from this number 2 x week for 3 weeks, always telling me I have been selected to receive 9000. in grant money from the federal government. How can I get these phone calls to ...
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-657-5633 / +12026575633
Caller identifying herself as being from IRS left a threatening message asking to call back this number immediately, and to not ignore the call. Appeared to be a computerized message.
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-241-8586 / +12022418586
Got a call from this number today, the caller ID said District of Columbia and recording claims to be from the IRS. Clearly a scam
Last Post 5 days ago | 202-241-7580 / +12022417580
Called and left no message. Called the number back and it is a recording for the young republication committee.
Last Post 5 days ago | 202-735-3879 / +12027353879
I received a similar call from this phone# from a "June Smith" advising that I need to call back an IRS hotline to discuss my "tax situation". Since I know that the IRS always sends written notices...
Last Post 5 days ago | 202-241-8586 / +12022418586
Got the same call from a foreign speaking person named nick walker...saying same as above. It's just a scam!
Last Post 7 days ago | 202-241-8598 / +12022418598
Me too.
Last Post 7 days ago | 202-350-2991 / +12023502991
It does sound like a real call center or office in the background, everyone in the office is foreign and they claim they work for IRS and their calling because I did something wrong with my taxes a...
Last Post 8 days ago | 202-817-2014 / +12028172014
Been calling me, number shows up a greece. When questioned they hang up. Speakers have a strong accent.
Last Post 8 days ago | 202-241-3010 / +12022413010
When I returned the phone call from "IRS agent Julie Smith", the guy told me (in a heavy Indian accent) that I owed $4,481 in back taxes from 09/10 that I willfully withheld from the United States ...
Last Post 8 days ago | 202-241-8745 / +12022418745

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