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Same number left the same message on my voicemail.
Last Post about 2 hours ago | 202-241-8301 / +12022418301
I received a call from this number
Last Post about 2 hours ago | 202-241-8586 / +12022418586
This number just text me in the middle of doing homework saying there was case against me. Ignore! No investigative bureau does arrests or any interaction over the phone.
Last Post about 8 hours ago | 202-753-4170 / +12027534170
I just got a text from this number saying that (1/3)This is to inform you that we have received a case against you under section 9 of chapter 19(c) and we have to take you down into custody by tomo...
Last Post about 8 hours ago | 202-753-4170 / +12027534170
just rec'd a call from this same number and did not answer. They left no voice mail. As for all the people who THINK they got a call from the IRS, They will NEVER call you. You will get mail from t...
Last Post about 9 hours ago | 202-241-8268 / +12022418268
Last Post about 11 hours ago | 202-241-0406 / +12022410406
i got the same call
Last Post about 12 hours ago | 202-410-0016 / +12024100016
I was called from this #202-689-578 they said they were the US government grant department. And I have been chosen for a $9,200 grant. That I wouldn't have to pay back on or pay taxes on. I know th...
Last Post 1 day ago | 202-689-5781 / +12026895781
received a call from 202-719-0955 stating to be from the US Dept of Treasury stating there is a legal affidavit against my name. They are talking about possible being arrested by the local authorit...
Last Post 1 day ago | 202-719-0955 / +12027190955
I got a call from this number today and a woman told me it was a medical compensation group that would give me money for a recent surgery that I had just had. I had an appendectomy in June of 2014....
Last Post 1 day ago | 202-241-7703 / +12022417703
I had a message left on my voice mail which stated that I need to call that number and that it was the IRS and that it was time sensitive.When I tried to return the call it said the voice mail w...
Last Post 3 days ago | 202-241-8268 / +12022418268
This number has been ringing me off the hook for several days now. Sounds like somebody from India, I didn't talk to them, I let my son answer and I just listened on the speaker
Last Post 3 days ago | 202-666-5119 / +12026665119
I received a call from this number #202-241-7314 at 10am this morning. Stating that her name was Julie Smith and for me to call this number before they take any action against us. I recalled this ...
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-241-7314 / +12022417314
I Just got a call from IRS Officer John White on my voicemail. The message said that they have a criminal arrest warrant out for me and to call them back. My wife was worried and wouldn't believe m...
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-241-8592 / +12022418592
dik likin as holes/lower than slug balls
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-800-5569 / +12028005569
Nothing but a huge scam. Excellent information that you have provided. Thanks for sharing.
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-241-8518 / +12022418518
received the fake IRS call from this number. left automatic voice mail. police should look into this scam
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-241-8301 / +12022418301
Please stop call me!!!! I have gotten 2 for various numbers today..... 200-697-7222....800-570-5612....866-274-1177....623-687-2005....866-274-1177 These are unknow calls because I dont even answer...
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-697-7222 / +12026977222
Just received this scam call. Very thick accent...a lot of noise in the background. What bothered me is that he had my name and address. If the government was giving me $9000, I'm sure that the per...
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-677-9939 / +12026779939
This person claimed that there was allegations against me in regards to the IRS and that if I didn't contact them, there would be a federal tax lien on my property.
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-239-7019 / +12022397019
I just had called the number and asking me for $ 200. I said I don't have money and asking me when my husband come home. I Google the number and found out this comments. Am about to believe on that...
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-684-6718 / +12026846718
I just rec'd call saying the US gov't was giving me $9000. cash for paying my bills on time. I could hardly understand his possibly India accent. He asked for some info re: married, home mailing ad...
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-738-4652 / +12027384652
Two calls came in one after another today about $7,000 in free Grant money. First was John Smith and then Shelly Smith. I don't know who these scam artists think they are but I CAN'T WAIT for them ...
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-407-9185 / +12024079185
Coalition for Safer Foods trying to get me to send a letter for a petition.
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-770-2253 / +12027702253
Just called him and asked him how in the hell he caught me...I thought that my gig was infallible...he hung up
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-464-8489 / +12024648489
House of Cards
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-251-6258 / +12022516258
Don't waste your time and energy. As soon as you identify a junk call, keep pressing any key until they hung up. This way, even these idi*ts understand that they won't get anything from you
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-241-0267 / +12022410267
Called my landline. The man claimed to be from the IRS. Did not ask for one particular person. Said quote( Would like to talk to you about some criminal charges filed against you) unquote. Did not ...
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-241-8716 / +12022418716
Foreign speaking man Indian accent. He says he is from the government. I screamed and hung up, called again multiple times. Told him I am on the do not call list, he called again. Tired of it.
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-666-5119 / +12026665119
Continues to call. Will not talk or leave message. Will call consecutively. Well until I screamed in phone and they haven't called for an hour now.
Last Post 4 days ago | 202-292-9156 / +12022929156

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