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She said she was calling from our "local" business directory. She probably didn't even know what city I was located in,
Last Post about 15 hours ago | 855-432-5593 / +18554325593
This number has constantly called my daughter and her son on their cell phones and demanded money, saying they owed T Mobile money and they were a collection agent for T Mobile. T Mobile said it wa...
Last Post 1 day ago | 855-666-9199 / +18556669199
They r pretty good actually. Fixed my little email issue for free... eventually u had to pay if its a big deal.
Last Post 1 day ago | 855-707-0469 / +18557070469
these people keep calling my job and threating me with arrest for a loan that was taken out and paid back years ago
Last Post 1 day ago | 855-276-0500 / +18552760500
How in gods name can i get these f! $##@s to quit calling me its really wearing on my nerves! My phone used to ring when they call but now they are able to go right to my voicemail. Help me before ...
Last Post 1 day ago | 855-840-6041 / +18558406041
i called but hung up when i got voicemail.
Last Post 1 day ago | 855-482-2632 / +18554822632
US number called my cell phone (Canadian) at 8:30am!
Last Post 1 day ago | 855-272-1228 / +18552721228
Called me 6 times yesterday. I called back and they said they were trying to collect on a cell phone number I had 9 years ago. the call just seemed weird. possible scam.....
Last Post 2 days ago | 855-974-6088 / +18559746088
I received a similar call from "Sean" calling on behalf of UHC and wanted me to call back with my billing departments name and fax number with reference # (very hard to understand) to 8557649432. ...
Last Post 2 days ago | 855-764-9432 / +18557649432
Missed called & left voicemail. Ladies voice (which was a recording) stating my name (but never said my name) and social security # had a pending judgment against it and urged me to call back befor...
Last Post 2 days ago | 855-821-0277 / +18558210277
These people are relentless
Last Post 2 days ago | 855-897-3041 / +18558973041
Same Natasha Trent, I'm guessing, called me. I didn't pick up, but she left a voicemail mail saying she needs to speak with me about the case being filed against me... now I'm just 18, never been i...
Last Post 3 days ago | 855-420-8308 / +18554208308
Left message pronouncing my name wrong, then said they were calling about one of my neighbors whom I've never heard of.
Last Post 3 days ago | 855-202-7001 / +18552027001
I believe its from the NFL shop
Last Post 3 days ago | 855-222-2564 / +18552222564
Got a call approx. 8:15P Oct 27th from a Ryan, (with strong India accent). I deciphered he was to follow-up regarding my computer (at my home) that uses windows operating system. Claimed there w...
Last Post 3 days ago | 855-264-9273 / +18552649273
said they were from United Healthcare and they were trying to verify my billing address. They had my previous address. Just called UHC and they don't update addresses, they get info from employer. ...
Last Post 3 days ago | 855-764-9432 / +18557649432
They said the same thing, that to call them to prevent them from coming to my home or job location.
Last Post 4 days ago | 855-504-4759 / +18555044759
I got the same yellow post card saying the same about an unclaimed reward of about 100 gas rebates valid at Esso, Shell, Petro-Canada and more. Ask me to call 1-855-291-4165..Where do they get my a...
Last Post 4 days ago | 855-291-4165 / +18552914165
Red screen advising above number to call to remove virus.
Last Post 4 days ago | 855-482-2632 / +18554822632
according to ATTtech support 877 722 3755 the 8341 number is a valld DSL tech support callback number
Last Post 4 days ago | 855-434-8341 / +18554348341
I do not calls like this in my cell! The information should be in the mail!
Last Post 4 days ago | 855-897-3041 / +18558973041
Same here. Keith Duncan called twice, saying to call 855-977-2077 with claim # and I'd be served papers. Obviously this is not legit, so don't freak out.
Last Post 4 days ago | 855-977-2077 / +18559772077
Same thing happened to me. I was suspicious right away and I do not give any info to people over the phone. I called later to the real Apple (1800 number) and they confirmed my suspicions, that tho...
Last Post 4 days ago | 855-808-1175 / +18558081175
In my case they pretend to be from Apple!
Last Post 5 days ago | 855-821-0847 / +18558210847
that person just called me and said the same thing I blocked that number
Last Post 5 days ago | 855-794-5001 / +18557945001
These people are scammers. I called today about a problem I was having with my computer. The "operator" proceeded to ask me if I was using the computer for online shopping or social networking. The...
Last Post 5 days ago | 855-948-0322 / +18559480322
Got the same exact message a you Sarah. Now that I have read this. I'm not touching that phone number. I doubt apple would send a message like that. Sounded suspicious.
Last Post 5 days ago | 855-808-1175 / +18558081175
Call lasted 16 seconds in absolute silence, then hung up
Last Post 7 days ago | 855-295-1173 / +18552951173
I have been getting calls for several days from this number. I never answer. Today they have called every hour since 10 am, very annoying.
Last Post 7 days ago | 855-206-7185 / +18552067185
I received a call at work today. They left a voicemail she stated that her name was Paulette Johnson and she stated that a formal complaint was file against me in my county which she mispronounced....
Last Post 7 days ago | 855-623-3530 / +18556233530

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