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.6 Screen Display N ケット BB ◆【自転車】
Last Post 4 days ago | 855-266-1387 / 8552661387
Call about time sensitive material to be signed once I called no company name given only that they needed me to pay 300 per month on a credit card that was closed out more than 9 years ago. Kept as...
Last Post 5 days ago | 855-538-7489 / 8555387489
This is a Kabu calling on behalf of Insurance Company Cigna (a thickly accented Indian Voice stated). Call 855-764-9432 to validate Provider Record Information. Leave your name and the fax # of you...
Last Post 5 days ago | 855-764-9432 / 8557649432
Asked to call this number to unblock browser
Last Post 6 days ago | 855-715-7318 / 8557157318
I am a special agent for the FBI and I work in the fraud division. lol..... they said they were doing an asset investigation... I told them I actually was doing an investigation on them... they hu...
Last Post 6 days ago | 855-624-9665 / 8556249665
Keep calling. No answer when I call back. Claim to be a debt collector. Hsve no outstanding debt. Want them to STOP CALLING PLEASE!
Last Post 9 days ago | 855-876-5380 / 8558765380
Will not stop calling. They seem to be middle eastern speaking. Very hard to understand and will not tell who is calling or why
Last Post 9 days ago | 855-974-6089 / 8559746089
They kept calling me, so I finally did the survey which is disgusting. They mailed a FAKE check then. BEWARE. The phone number on the check goes back to the ladies that conduct the sexual abuse ...
Last Post 10 days ago | 855-749-6249 / 8557496249
a Victor Black call me from this number and demanded i pay a past bill. He took my card number and 15 dollars from my account and plans on taking 25 in Aug and 50 in Sept. what do i do? He threaten...
Last Post 10 days ago | 855-498-0036 / 8554980036
Sabrina Bryan prerecorded message saying she needs to speak to me or my legal representative if she doesn't hear from me she will file papers for me to be arrested she is associated with sky blue o...
Last Post 10 days ago | 855-228-6832 / 8552286832
Just got a call from this number, answered it, said hello TWICE and there was silence on the other end. Do not waste my time if you cannot respond to a simple hello.
Last Post 11 days ago | 855-451-7737 / 8554517737
I am receiving calls from this number almost daily. I have answered twice to try to get them to stop, but when I answer there is no-one there.
Last Post 11 days ago | 855-666-9385 / 8556669385
this is a scam a card i never open hey say there collecteing debt which is 15 y satutue of limitations is 7 yrs...the had my info and would take out od acct called bank said i have to wait to see ...
Last Post 12 days ago | 855-854-9679 / 8558549679
Just got scam by them as well, Deborah Burling was the one that contacted me, good enough for me I didn't get to send them any money. Please be careful, lots of Scam out there
Last Post 12 days ago | 855-834-4590 / 8558344590
Please stop calling please stop calling please stop calling
Last Post 12 days ago | 855-412-7547 / 8554127547
Since IFC seems to be sporadically monitoring these kind of sites, I have some friendly advice. If people are getting quotes on one of your web sites and they clearly uncheck the boxes giving IFC ...
Last Post 12 days ago | 855-376-3481 / 8553763481
I just got scammed through these people. The person who called me was Debra and I advise nobody gives them money or anything they ask for
Last Post 12 days ago | 855-834-4590 / 8558344590
They leave no name but call family how can they keep doing so
Last Post 15 days ago | 855-677-4027 / 8556774027
Its funny that you people would put these comments up here with no truth to them. I know for sure these are lies. If you didn't get the audit done, how can you say its a scam? I got the audit perfo...
Last Post 15 days ago | 855-212-6021 / 8552126021
Installed a virus on my computer. Scammed an unaware employee out of money.
Last Post 16 days ago | 855-866-8775 / 8558668775
Was referred to them from Norton when tech could not solve problem. Charged $450 for three year support and continuing service with Norton for three years for two computers. First year received N...
Last Post 17 days ago | 855-806-0666 / 8558060666
I'm on my 19th call from this number 855 219 4669 it was a female foreign caller informing me that my computer had a virus and that I needed to give her access to my computer immediately . In order...
Last Post 18 days ago | 855-219-4669 / 8552194669
Got a call from this number stating that my computer had a virus and I should give them access but first before they could fix it I must pay $250 lol. Then a manager got on the phone and he thought...
Last Post 18 days ago | 855-219-4669 / 8552194669
Believe it is Sallie Mae. They call and hang up almost every day. My son does not even live with me.
Last Post 18 days ago | 855-874-3468 / 8558743468
Asking for employment verification for sister in law. Her name was Maxine and she said she was calling on behalf of Rose & Associates
Last Post 18 days ago | 855-700-8179 / 8557008179
Called me about someone who is not related to me. Left a message to call back.
Last Post 19 days ago | 855-202-7001 / 8552027001
They are located in CALIFORNIA : Anyone who receives a call from this number: HANG UP ! This is a whole in the wall business. They are a COLLECTION agency . The business name they give is KAPLIN &...
Last Post 20 days ago | 855-770-9867 / 8557709867
Grasy rubenstein call my father looking for me and call me giving me her number so I called and she told me I owe 912$ or she was going to turn my account over to DA and he would fillel charges on ...
Last Post 20 days ago | 855-493-2246 / 8554932246
I received a call from this guy on my computer posing as a Microsoft technician that wanted to get on my computer and asked for personal information. He is a scammer and a fraud and is trying to ge...
Last Post 23 days ago | 855-219-4669 / 8552194669
Message says " hello, this is Tim with IMCA please give me a call back on my direct line at 310-765-1664. All right hope to hear from you soon." No other information. I did not call back.
Last Post 23 days ago | 855-275-8491 / 8552758491

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