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SPAM scammer saying that my "computer needs fixed" and they insist on charging you for it. AVOID!
Last Post about 17 hours ago | 855-982-1601 / 8559821601
Received a message on my caller ID from 1-855-669-0030 claiming to be from Wellcare. I then went on the internet to type the tel. number in search and it bought me to this page. I then proceeded t...
Last Post about 21 hours ago | 855-669-0030 / 8556690030
855 459 1112 calles 5-6 times a day. No messages, and no one on line when answered. So tired of this. I have it blocked, but it still rings once before the block kicks in.
Last Post 4 days ago | 855-459-1112 / 8554591112
Last Post 4 days ago | 855-395-9874 / 8553959874
Ok to all- the company is a collection agency call OSEA ( I think ) they are hired to collect a debt from small sums for company like Trash service, cable bills, cell phone company etc.
Last Post 4 days ago | 855-974-6105 / 8559746105
Virus protection scam. Demanded my cc info. Said they were from microsoft tech.
Last Post 5 days ago | 855-818-1859 / 8558181859
Received a half dozen calls this past week. When I answer there seems to be no connection and then it hangs up on me. This is getting frustrating.
Last Post 5 days ago | 855-678-6337 / 8556786337
same getting calls threatening to serve me. No legit. Block the call and they can us your home prefix to make you think they arelocal to scam you and avoid the police
Last Post 8 days ago | 855-339-2912 / 8553392912
keep getting threatening phone calls and emails from monica Johnson saying she is with check enforcement and that I have been asked numerous times to pay off a check loan and not cooperated. now im...
Last Post 10 days ago | 855-218-5557 / 8552185557
Claims to be Ally calling about a late payment but we didn't have any late payments with Ally. Suspecting a possible scam to obtain personal information. Does anybody know if this is the case?
Last Post 11 days ago | 855-786-2559 / 8557862559
Same thing...its a debt collection company because I didnt pay my bills bitches....lmao
Last Post 11 days ago | 855-381-6972 / 8553816972
Does anyone know who these people are?
Last Post 11 days ago | 855-974-6089 / 8559746089
Got a call about purchases on my card. It was legit.
Last Post 12 days ago | 855-822-1244 / 8558221244
Go to this site That will instantly stop them from calling
Last Post 12 days ago | 855-459-1127 / 8554591127
If you go to certain websites this number and warnings about possible virus and threat on your computer. It freezes your page with a recorded message playing over and over again for you to call...
Last Post 13 days ago | 855-549-4139 / 8555494139
Get a life
Last Post 15 days ago | 855-402-0737 / 8554020737
I keep getting a recording saying I should call them.
Last Post 15 days ago | 855-242-6099 / 8552426099
They are selling ads for an owners manual. Extension 303
Last Post 16 days ago | 855-382-0300 / 8553820300
Definitely a scam. I checked with Barnes & Noble textbook rental who said it is not them. Don't tell them any personal information.
Last Post 16 days ago | 855-851-1625 / 8558511625
called saying that they were agent dean garrett and that he was with PCS Courier Services. He received a fax stating that there was a fax with my name on it and that I authorized fraudulent bank ...
Last Post 17 days ago | 855-590-5105 / 8555905105
I have no idea who these idiots are and frankly I wish they would stop bothering me .No I don't answer the phone unless I know who is calling since all I heard was nothing but dead air I assume the...
Last Post 18 days ago | 855-306-2979 / 8553062979
I got a call at 3:00 PM today that came in as "restricted". I don't care who you are, I will not answer a restricted call. When I did not answer the call, they left a message. It was a woman who...
Last Post 18 days ago | 855-738-8734 / 8557388734
Same as above comments, except it was Ethan, whose extension is 310.1529
Last Post 19 days ago | 855-369-5447 / 8553695447
yelled at my kids and scared them into giving a credit card number otherwise their computer would be locked. whoever you are, jim at extension 1059 you'd better not come within 10 miles of my ho...
Last Post 22 days ago | 855-866-8775 / 8558668775
who does this phone number belong to?
Last Post 22 days ago | 855-737-7793 / 8557377793
Mine was for a late payment on my Leons furniture account with Desjardin as well. I wish they would leave messages so I can call back. They usually call during work hours.
Last Post 22 days ago | 855-691-9580 / 8556919580
This number 1-855-900-6232 is a scam! Just popped up on my computer while I was viewing wedding venues saying I got it from free games which I have never downloaded, porn sites which I've never bee...
Last Post 22 days ago | 855-900-6232 / 8559006232
All day long!!!! Annoying.
Last Post 23 days ago | 855-459-1127 / 8554591127
computer scam. got call from this number on landline phone with message to call back immediately because our computer is infected. Called them back on government free cell phone, my caller ID doe...
Last Post 24 days ago | 855-539-4917 / 8555394917
I am from Hayward, CA. I received a pop up blocker - a white page almost covering the entire screen, indicating that I had been hacked AND a verbal warning in a woman's voice. It said that I shou...
Last Post 25 days ago | 855-287-0073 / 8552870073

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