Got a call from 2022411818? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 01 May 2014.

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Victor08 Mar 2014


ME08 Mar 2014

Left a threatening message SATURDAY morning pretending to be from the IRS. Obvious scam.

Matthew17 Mar 2014

They called day and night, before and after work, from the number 202-241-1818. The guy could barely speak English. While he was talking there were all sorts of chaotic noise in the background and his phone kept on beeping. He said his name is Alex Walter, employee # 100345, and is an IRS agent . He...

Bethany18 Mar 2014

I received call from a caller has a thick Indian accent. Told me I owe IRS back taxes and to call this number and asked for Daniel Peters. When I called this, this Daniel Peters guy also has an Indian accent. Said something about wanting my phone number. I said "Excuse me?". He said back "Are you...

Harry20 Mar 2014

Ok so this number has been calling for two days now, every time at 7:46am and claimed to be someone named Sylvester Milos from the IRS and the first day he called he was looking for a Brenna and than today he was actually looking for someone who use to live in my house saying that there was a...

Shannon20 Mar 2014

My mom got a call from this guy claiming to be IRS. He had a heavy indian accent claiming to be John Smith... My mom was suspicious because she never gave her home phone to IRS. We went on google and tracked the number to WASHINGTON DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA???!!! But before this, she replied back and...

Jamie21 Mar 2014

More than 20,000 taxpayers have been targeted by fake Internal Revenue Service agents in the largest phone scam the agency has ever seen, the IRS inspector general said Thursday. Thousands of victims have lost a total of more than $1 million. As part of the scam, fake IRS agents call taxpayers,...

Emma21 Mar 2014

I received a call from 202-241-1818 this morning. Some guy with a heavy Indian accent said he was John Smith from the IRS and there were some errors in my last year's tax returns. I said I didn't know the caller and had no interest in talking, being pretty certain this was a scam of sorts. He stated...

Jake24 Mar 2014

Called me and left a message "... from irs, don't ignore ..." on 3/24/2014. It is just a scam. I wonder why law enforcement can't trace this phone number t catch these crooks

Matthew24 Mar 2014

Indian voice, named 'John Smith'. Barely can hear them. So, IRS not using MAIL? Give me a break. FRAUD!

Alex25 Mar 2014

had a call from this number, strange accent, difficult to understand, Name this guy used was Alex Walters, said he was IRS and to call concerning illegal allegations. No one from IRS calls leaving a message like this and anytime you talk to someone with IRS always ask for their badge number and...

Chloe25 Mar 2014

I get call today and say I am Danial from head quarter Washington irs u owe money and u hve court date and I ask I dont hve any document he ask my address. And will send court document ...I was so. Scar and glad to read msg above that means he is not from IRS

Nathan26 Mar 2014

Caller said he from IRS, asked to call him back for important matter

Sophie26 Mar 2014


Danielle27 Mar 2014

I also just got a call it was a man with a heavy Indian accent told me his name was David Johnson. Said this was a extremely time sensitive matter couldn't make out much else. I figured it was scam especially how he's like from internal revenue service or irs. Glad I checked this website first. - caller: 2022411818

Hall03 Apr 2014

Just received a call / voicemail from this number at 10:44 this morning. Left message stating his name was Alex from the IRS and stated their was a discrepancy in my tax return and legal matters would be taken if I did not call back ASAP. - caller: 202-241-1818

Kirk 03 Apr 2014

Called me today! Reporting it to IRS. - caller: Did not speak good English

I m con fused butt knot stew pid09 Apr 2014

Said his name was David tirillo, IRS, don't delete voice message to avoid financial hold of bank accounts and penalties. My wife had to play message several times just to get info right. He's more IBS than IRS. Hope he gets a polyp that causes intestinal distress that makes him eat his own repetitively.

Lynn10 Apr 2014

First Zamar from IRS called with heavy accent. I called back (becauase message said very urgent - do not ignore) and when I finally got through, spoke with Daniel Peters. He said IRS audits show we owe and he wanted my lawyer's name so they could file a lawsuit. TOTAL SCAM. IRS only communicates via ceritifed mail -- they NEVER call. Hope these scammers get caught soon! - caller: Zamar/Daniel Peters - IRS

James11 Apr 2014

f you get a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, here’s what you should do: If you know you owe taxes or you think you might owe taxes, call the IRS at 1.800.829.1040. The IRS employees at that line can help you with a payment issue – if there really is such an issue. If you know you...

Lucy15 Apr 2014

What a scam I suggest you keep calling them and asking them for money tie up their lines and be a nuisance to them

Allen16 Apr 2014

Just got a call from "Jason O'Connell" from the IRS. Had no idea that Irish and Indians had similar accents. do not call it's a scam! - caller: 202 241-1818

Molly16 Apr 2014

This was a scam call, claiming to be IRS. the man had an Indian accent and threatened severe consequences if I did not call back to speak to a Jason O'Connor.

Melody17 Apr 2014

It all started with a "BLOCKED NUMBER" that called, I didn't care to pick and he left me a voicemail. This heavily Indian accent man claims his name was "Ronnie Cooper" & he is calling from the IRS. He stated that I must call him back because it was "extremely time-sensitive" and if I ignored his calls, they are going to file legal allegations against my name. He told me to call him back at 202- 241-1818. Funny thing is... He NEVER mentioned my name OR last name in his messages. Since then, he has been calling me almost every day for the past week from a 202-864-1155. Super annoying.

Tony22 Apr 2014

I also got a call from 202-241-181 today. This time it was a lady claim from IRS calling for a "time sensitive matter".

David23 Apr 2014

I recieved a call claiming to be Agent Heather with IRS. SCAM

Emma24 Apr 2014

Claiming to Be IRS and threatening legal action

Steve26 Apr 2014

Same here these IRS scammers. Don't give them anything!

Rachel29 Apr 2014

I have received several calls from this number all stating they were the IRS and I needed to speak with an agent or legal action would be taken. It is a scam , I reported this to a federal consumer group.

Jamie29 Apr 2014

"Officer Heather Gray" -- impersonating an IRS agent -- called (robocalled?) from 202-241-1818 at 10:56 PT this morning 4/29/14. She left a message on my voicemail ordering me to call her back immediately on her HOTLINE number "before we take an allegation against you." Misuse of word "allegation"...

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