Got a call from +12056232948? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 05 May 2014.

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Olivia16 Oct 2014

Give us your # & we'll forward the 20 erroneous calls per week to you. You obviously have the time & experience for these people.

Molly15 Oct 2014

The sad part is that people love to judge and accuse. People hit bumps sometimes. Things happen in life. Divorce, illness, loss of a job, etc. In today's economy it's hard to make ends meet. May all of you who are so quick to judge never go through any kind of hardship because you wouldn't know how...

Chris13 Oct 2014

I have almost 50 numbers from them on my blocked list! They are like cockroaches, they just keep multiplying. They are trying to collect on paid debt!

Rebecca13 Oct 2014

They keep calling & calling about a disconnected cable service from years & years ago. Telling me I owed a balance of about $1100 for the equipment, etc. I paid off the balance back then & had a receipt for returning the equipment. AND this never showed up on my credit report until June of this yr...

Emily09 Oct 2014

Ring and run. Blocked.

Bethany09 Oct 2014

Up yours. Oh because these slimy as shines call its got to be valid right? No they break the law and more importantly most of their deals are from ill shut cable company inflated bills over charging people etc.

Jack09 Oct 2014

More Portfolio Collection agency numbers. Figures. They are slime.

Joe08 Oct 2014

This is for the idiot who thinks we don't pay our bills. I made the same mistake in answering these fools. They were looking for someone who is not even related to me but they somehow got my number. They continue to harass me from different numbers after I have repeatedly told these fools that this...

Caitlin08 Oct 2014

Do not call me....unless you leave a message..which you never do 2056232948

Ellie07 Oct 2014

Portfolio Recovery has too many numbers they call from. They call my home and cell several times a day

Scott06 Oct 2014

Is not that they're (Portfolio Recovery) like many other low life debt collectors out there, these guys actually are among the more professional debt collectors - hard to believe, isn't it? However because they buy leads and debt in bulk, they acquire old and statute expired debt, right along with...

Hannah06 Oct 2014

My phone that I am receiving these calls on is a work phone number - I had nothing to do with the previous owner of this number - how dare you be so bold as to make a statement about my credit history - go back to school and learn something useful. Don't make generalizations that you can't back up....

Callum13 Aug 2014

I recieved a call, but no message or anything was left. I didn't bother to call back.

Adam04 Aug 2014

Next time just hand the phone to a young child that believes in Santa tell child it's Santa and the child will go on forever about what they want for Xmas

Adam02 Aug 2014


Connor30 Jul 2014

Bill collectors. I don't owe anyone, they're trying to scam money from me. ... Portfolio Recovery, aka crooks.

Ellie30 Jul 2014

My cell phone service allows me to block numbers and texts. Yes Portfolio has many numbers, but I just keep adding them to my list! It takes awhile before they start calling from another number. They have no reason to call me but they don't listen.

Scott30 Jul 2014

Others say this is Portfolio Recovery /Protocol Recovery doesn't matter didn't answer the call and now it's blocked. Thank you Who's calling app love you guys keep up the good work.

Katie29 Jul 2014

Portfolio Recovery Service is a company that buys old debt from other creditors. They will search high and low for the people who owed. They call me because I had a credit card 17 years ago (when I was young and dumb) that I never paid. It is no longer on my credit report and is past the florida...

Zoe24 Jul 2014

They are calling me about a debt that I paid off 11 years ago!

Sarah24 Jul 2014

Nice try troll. There is plenty of evidence that folks lacking unpaid bills are getting calls from JDBs. You are also ASSuming that the "file" that was purchased actually contains accurate information about debtors SHM

Chris24 Jul 2014

People WHY not just answer and have a conversation with them. IF they are wrong in calling all you have to do is tell them, they are probably calling on behalf of the debt buyer that bought the information. THEY are just working the paper. SORRY to break the news to everyone, if you are getting a...

Luke24 Jul 2014

they are calling me looking for my mom next time they call answer and tell them you have filled a complaint for harassment and they will stop calling they stopped calling me

Jamie23 Jul 2014

They called me and this time they actually left a voicemail, but it was really strange. At first I could here the guy very clearly but after he said "uh yes.." it trails off and becomes very hard to hear him. Like his phone lost volume or something I couldnt make out the rest of the voicemail after...

Emily23 Jul 2014

well then if I did finish paying ALL my bills about 5 years ago, they SHOULD NOT CALL… BUT … T H E Y D O!!!! So should I sue them for harassment?? OR should I find your number and call you for ages to come because I just feel like it ????

Amy23 Jul 2014

I have random numbers call me every now and then, and I always look up the number. They always belong to this company. I have blocked 6 of their numbers and they always have more. I have never even had any outstanding debts.

Emily23 Jul 2014

Wow, another new number from the depths of hell. Portfolio has used up 90% of all available US phone numbers but if they want I will add this one to the reject list too. I answered this call to play with them for awhile.....they sued me in 2008 and the suit was thrown out by the judge. They had no...

Jake22 Jul 2014

This isn't a discussion as to whether or not we should "pay our bills"--- This is about consumers' rights when it comes to the collection of debts, of which PRA is a notorious violator. Thanks for playing.

Luke22 Jul 2014

I keep getting phone calls from this number (205) 623-2948 AL, USA and they leave no message. Kinda tired of it.

Sophie21 Jul 2014

Another "pay your bills" jerk! It doesn't get any more slimy, predatory, abusive or corrupt than Portfolio Recovery Associates does it? That A+ rating only means they give some...

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