Got a call from 2056232948? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 05 May 2014.

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William22 Mar 2014

called. no message on 3-22

Chloe24 Mar 2014

Called, but I did not answer, didn't recognize the area code, no message left.

Georgia24 Mar 2014

Received a call but I did not answer... No message left! What's up with these people I'm so sick of all this scam calls I could just scream. ( grrrrr )

Matthew24 Mar 2014

rec'd call, didn't answer, no message left.

Tom24 Mar 2014

Called twice, no message left. I don't answer calls I don't recognize the number. Has to be spam.

Jess24 Mar 2014

I am not buying so stop calling.

Zoe24 Mar 2014

Called, but no message was left. Not the first 205 area code number that has called, but they never leave a message.

Jack24 Mar 2014

Portfolio Recovery (collection agency)

Shannon24 Mar 2014

got a call didn't answer they left no message

Jake25 Mar 2014

Onidm is correct - this is one of the millions of phone numbers Portfolio Recovery, a bottom feeder debt buyer, uses. They have been calling me off and on for at least the last 4 years trying to collect on a charged-off credit card from 2002 that I never had. They have the wrong middle initial and...

Rachel25 Mar 2014

Great info. Thanks for taking the time to post

Sophie25 Mar 2014

GA Mom is right, shes got it right.

Hannah26 Mar 2014

The more they call, the more it makes me want to be a smarty back to em. Like getting hateful is going to get them to have people respond? Jerks :)

Jake26 Mar 2014

They keep calling and asking for Amy

Jamie26 Mar 2014

This scum bucket out fit has called me on a couple dozen different numbers. i have not answered one of the calls,and put all the following calls from that number in the s*** bin with the rest of the trash.none ever leaves a message and i Google all the numbers. that i don't know. .i get calls all...

Shannon27 Mar 2014

I received a call from them yesterday talking telling me I owed xxx.xx$. For a store thirty minutes away that went out of business 10 + years ago. Under my maiden name. Told them I just arrived at that time in the state that I currently reside in. And had my purse stolen from a vehicle that belong...

Chloe27 Mar 2014

Might want to look up the sols in your state as well. Follow the steps in what you need to know, send them a cease & desist letter via us mail, certified or return receipt. You can also file complaints with your states attorney general and theirs, the FTC and CFB....

MEB28 Mar 2014

Under no circumstance respond to these bottomfeeders. If you engage them out of anger and frustration to get them to stop calling your number, they will shut down your phone system by calling you from several different numbers (happened to me at the place I worked, trying to help a friend backfired on us) Best thing you can do is block any number that is connected to them. I look up every single unknown number so that I can block them when I know it is them. These people are absolute scum, if they trick you into paying even just the smallest amount on the fake debt they say you owe they will never let you off the hook AND then you go on the bad debt list to them if you don't keep paying, and paying and paying . . . they are extortionists of the lowest scummiest kind. The friend I was trying to help almost committed suicide because of these disgusting people. - caller: 205-623-2948

Tj29 Mar 2014

3/29/14 Someone called @ 10:46 am but left no message.

Danielle01 Apr 2014

They Dont just call from this number. They'll call from all kinds of numbers not only 6times a day but Ive had them call me 5 times back to back in 10mins!!! They will also call and say that they're with my local police station (and thats how they say it) Saying that they's a warrent out for my arrest. And threaten to come to my job and arrest me. I had to change my phone number. (this was June of last yr) and I dont know how but they've found my new number. - caller: Portfolio recovery

David02 Apr 2014

It is absolutely Portfolio recovery services. I made the mistake of acknowledging my name when they called me years ago. When I was younger I screwed up my credit but have since repaired to excellent status. That being said, if I had a debt and it was genuinely mine I felt obligated to resolve it....

Olivia09 Apr 2014

I've been getting these calls on me cell phone it says from Alabama, I haven't picked it up and they don't leave a message. Reading everyones reviews I am glad I haven't, I would probably get really sick. I wouldn't be able to deal with a situation like that it seems to be really scary that some...

Joel10 Apr 2014

Every one of you know you owe some kind of debt. Don't act like a debt collector calling you is out of the blue. I'm not siding with them, I just know it's true and if you are getting calls from a debt collector, there is a reason. I find it funny that most of the people on here are saying basically saying you have no clue what's going on and they are scum. That they might be, but pay your debts. - caller: 205-623-2948

Alice11 Apr 2014

These people are crooks!!!!They hound you,and hound you,for collecting on debts that are beyond the statue of limitations,they buy off old debts,they never,ever leave a message,and they are very antagonistic!!!!!!!!!

Deborah15 Apr 2014

They called but left no message. I don't answer calls if I don't recognized the number. The area code is Alabama.

private/anonymous16 Apr 2014

I know i have money to be repaid and i have tried to make payment arrangements.But these people want what i owe up front. My attorney said for me to pay what i can. The comments being said are true. Joel, your comment sucks. - caller: WHO KNOWS

Christina16 Apr 2014

Got a call and didn't answer. No message was left.

Sean16 Apr 2014

They called and I didn't answer. They never left a message.

Charlotte21 Apr 2014

Thank you!

Jess22 Apr 2014

206 6242948...scsmmer

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