Got a call from 2364444214? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 29 Mar 2014.

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 06 Mar 2014

This is the second call I received from this number. Last week my boyfriend answered the phone and the guy on the other end said that he was from AT&T. He was calling about my internet connection. He never made it clear why he was calling about it. It was an guy with an Indian accent. This is not a number I have ever been called from in regards to my AT&T account. The guy was calling from a very loud location (lots of people talking in the background). The caller was very rude and said to my boyfriend "F**k you, you motherf'er!" Doesn't sound like an AT&T representative to me.

 07 Mar 2014

We have received many calls from this number at all hours of the day. Even at 6:28 in the morning. Many times there is no one on the line. Other times, we hear loud noise in background. Sometimes, there is a person with a very heavy Indian accent wanting to discuss our Microsoft Computer Software. We have begged them to stop calling us because it is many times a day and we are really tired of the early morning calls.

Jack17 Mar 2014

I also received several phone calls from this 236-444-4214 number. They claimed my computer had several viruses and that they could fix my computer. When I called Microsoft they informed me that this was definitely a scam. Some people had been taken in by this company and paid as much as $300 to get...

Matthew19 Mar 2014

This # called yesterday @ 6:00AM and today @ 5:00AM!!! Since we have an elderly family member that doesn't live with us, of course we leave our phone on in case of emergency. What a way to wake up! If they call tomorrow, they will be getting the will be getting cussed out like they have never been...

Alex20 Mar 2014

Similar as the others. 5:24 a.m. this morning. Scam! Just tees one off.

Jess20 Mar 2014

I received several phone calls from this 236-444-4214 number. Two yesterday and three today!! Calling at all hours - 8 AM, around lunch time, then 7 PM. I never answer since I don't know who is calling from this number. They never leave a message. Instead I searched online for this number and found...

Angela24 Mar 2014

They called my boyfriend at eight am and hung up. When we tried to call back, we got a recording that we didn't have enough money in our account to complete the call lol... - caller: 236-444-4214

Callum24 Mar 2014

Just reported and filed a claim with the FCC about this phone number. They call me at least twice a day. They report they are from Windows Service Center calling about my computer. Funny thing is I don't have a windows computer !

TryingToSleep25 Mar 2014

Someone from this number called my home last Thursday right after 9am. Then again last morning at 2:46am, which obviously woke me up. Total BS. No message either time.

KS25 Mar 2014

We have received multiple annoying calls from this number. We have asked them to remove us from their list. They called at 4:48 in the morning PST. Something to do with computers. Obviously a scam - caller: 236-444-4212

Lauren26 Mar 2014

8:14 am ET. A man with thick Indian accent calls claiming to be from the "Windows Service Center." There are lots of voices in the background...most likely a boiler room-type call center. He tells me that my computer is "giving off a virus." I'm immediately suspicious. The caller ID shows "name...

Fedup26 Mar 2014

I seem to be getting the same problem with this number 2364444214. THey called right after 8am. Obviously, they're from a different time zone. These jack assess never leave a message. I'm never home to answer the call, but waiting to curse them out as a substitute for "Hello?" I called back but had no luck. That numbers seems to be an outgoing number only. I'm may use my phone company to block that number which I can do online through Verizon. I still have my TeleZapper from about 15 years ago. I may hook that up. Don't know if it'll even work but worth a shot to get rid of these supposed Indian bastards !!!!! Don't they have anything better to do than to bother us Americans !!!!!!!!!!!!!

DS27 Mar 2014

They have called several times, usually around 8 AM, claiming to be from Microsoft Security. It is a scam.

Chloe27 Mar 2014

These scammers have called 6 times in last day or so.. The last attempt only had a partial caller id.. 6-444-4214

Jo28 Mar 2014

9:57 am ET. Someone from this number 236-444-4214 had been trying to call my cell phone twice. I didn't pick up. Instantly blocked after reading this trend of comments - caller: 236444421

Chris29 Mar 2014

I also received several phone calls from this 236-444-4214 number. They claimed my computer had viruses and that they could fix my computer. I immediately knew it was a scam when he wanted me to open my run a code on my computer. Wasn't happening. I hung up and blocked the number.

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