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Thomas21 Mar 2014

Received a call from this number on my cell. I didn't recognize it, didn't answer it and they did not leave a message.

Rachel21 Mar 2014

Called my cell. Unknown number so didn't answer it. Did not leave a voicemail for me so presume it was a telemarketing cold-call.

Jake21 Mar 2014

just called me, too. Didn't recognize, didn't answer.

Emma21 Mar 2014

missed call without text message, no id as to name or church source. My boyfriend was at U. Wash, but he was murdered up there in 1972.

James21 Mar 2014

called 3.5 hours ago. I answered, they hung up. Called back to find a disconnected laser voicemail message... no connection to washington

Jordan22 Mar 2014

Called my cell. I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number they left no message either

Tom22 Mar 2014

Just called my cell. The recording started saying "do you or someone you know smoke?" I hung up.

Molly22 Mar 2014

Called didnt answer creeper

Jade22 Mar 2014

Just called but I didn't recognize the number; my voicemail box is currently full (and I plan on keeping it that way so people will text)

Joe22 Mar 2014

I received a call and had the same 'do hi hot someone you know smoke?...' So I hit the keypad and pressed 0, nothing happened so I hit 1 and immediately after a woman came on and asked very coldly 'You just interrupted our offer. What can I do for you?' My first thought was wtf you b****?! But I...

Ellie22 Mar 2014

received this call but did not answer. these calls are overly annoying. these people need to put there energy into something positive like getting a life.

Hannah25 Mar 2014

Oops! I mean Des Moines, Washington.

Daniel25 Mar 2014

Same here....Received call during dinner. I didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer. No message. I plan to block it.

Mary25 Mar 2014

Caller left no name no number on our cell phones. We both received a call at the same time on our cell

Hannah25 Mar 2014

No message just hung up

Laura25 Mar 2014

This number called my cell. I did not answer.

Josh25 Mar 2014

Got a call from this number tonight. Advertisement for smoking cessation. Pressed 2 to be removed from their call list. I am on the Do Not Call List, but apparently they don't care about pesky things like that.

Daniel25 Mar 2014

Just got a call on my work phone : 8:05pm and got a call on my personal cell at 6:49pm.

Lauren25 Mar 2014

This number called me as well. I've heard that random numbers have been calling people, not leaving messages, with the hopes that person will call back because in doing so, there is a per minute fee associated with calling the number. So DO NOT call back. I just wouldn't answer at all. These people...

Tom25 Mar 2014

got a call from this number of missed a call don't know who it is I wish they wouldn't call my phone

Emma25 Mar 2014

Called by cell and left no message. I hope people who work for these outfits burn in hell.

Renee 26 Mar 2014

I just got a call on my cell, too. Since it's a smoking cessation outfit, and smoking dope is legal in Washington state, maybe they are talking about dope smoking cessation? - caller: Dope

Jack26 Mar 2014

Just called my cell phone at 5:30PM. That is dinner time for me. I am not happy. Yeah, I am on the do not call list but that is a scam by Congress to make you think they did something for us. Doesn't do Jack! This is only going to work if you buy a call blocker for your home phone and use the...

Rebecca26 Mar 2014

Just called my cell. Called back, and got "all circuits are busy". Damn telemarketers.

James26 Mar 2014

Called my cell at 7:08 PM. Didn't answer and no voice message.

Michael26 Mar 2014

Just got a call from this number.....I didn't get to it in time....they left no msg....I tried calling back, but got automated msg saying ALL LINES BUSY, TRY AGAIN LATER. . . . UGH! HOW DO WE STOP THESE INVASIVE CALLS????

Lewis26 Mar 2014

Called my number and left no message. They've done the same thing in the past - about three or four months ago. I don't know or do business with anyone in Tacoma, so no clue who they are. And I AM on national "Do Not Call" registry :(

Ryan26 Mar 2014

They called me and when I answered the line went dead. These telemarketers are plain jerks.

Annoyed26 Mar 2014

Just wondering if you all have Verizon? Both of my husbands phone rang within 10 min of each other. One personal and one work. Two seperate accounts the only Link is Verizon! - caller: 1-253-785-0599

Jordan26 Mar 2014

Called my cell and Caller ID was just Seattle. I did not answer. Looked number up online and promptly placed them onto my blacklist on Call Blocker.

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