Got a call from +12537850599? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 19 Jul 2014.

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Harry27 Jun 2014

called 4 times i didn't pick up.did not leave a message.

Jess21 Jun 2014

Called my cell on 19 June - two rings only then hung up - obviously did not leave a message. I'm very grateful for number check sites like this one so we (Joe Public) can avoid being scammed! :-)

Ben19 Jun 2014

I missed a late phone call as well. I have no idea what could have my number. Perhaps, when you upset a bill collector with an attitude she knows where to send your number for a little revenge. Other than that no recent changes...umm i smoke, i had seen a couple people say something about e-cigs,...

Olivia18 Jun 2014

Received a call from this number on my cell at 1915 hours. I didn't recognize it, didn't answer it and they did not leave a message. Obviously an unwanted call.

Sarah18 Jun 2014

Just got the call. Instead of saying the same thing in each post how about we all try to figure out what we all have in common. Like where did we fill something out that gave out our phone number. That way we can get the C*ck$ who sold our info to a bunch of pricks who call at 7 o'clock at night.

Jade18 Jun 2014

Called me at 6:42pm showed missed call from Des Moines, Wa 2nd call from Wa in the last two months

Luke18 Jun 2014

Received a call from this number and they didn't leave a message... Hmmmm...

Josh18 Jun 2014

Received a call on both my husbands cell and my cell 30 minutes apart. Didn't answer it and they left no voice mail on either one. .... they have called before. ...

David18 Jun 2014

It was a recording: "Do you or someone you love smoke?" If you call them back, you are getting charged. Even though your screen shows area code 253, that doesn't mean that's the real number. You could be calling Zimbabwe if you call back. Really? You want this on your phone bill?

Charlotte17 Jun 2014

As many others, received a call on my cell phone. answered and nothing.. Called back and the recording said it was not a working number!!

Hannah14 Jun 2014

I do not who this no belongs to ,but I have reported it to the FTC Federal Trade Commission for an investigation .You know they A***** hole if they will not reveal their Identify

Scott14 Jun 2014

I had a missed call from this number and when I called back it said it wasn't in service. ???

Katie13 Jun 2014

(253) 785-0599 called my cell in Michigan. Unfamiliar number so I didn't answer. Registered as a Missed Call from Seattle, WA. Left no message.

Rachel13 Jun 2014

Got the same thing...called my cell and no message left.

Alex13 Jun 2014

They asked if anybody in my household smokes. I don't have any Jewish Hebrews in my house! LOL. Like I would even buy E cigs from a cold calling spammer K Hunt.

Kevin13 Jun 2014

They said, do you or someone you know smoke? I said, hell yea, I live in colorado, everyone's smokin some weed down here. The dude hung up guess he doesn't share the same enthusiasm about his state legalizing pot - caller: (253) 785-0599

Chris13 Jun 2014

Two missed calls, both at 7:03 p.m. Called back, same msg: "Number is not in service and is outside the International Telcom blah blah..."

Megan13 Jun 2014

it might be a telemarketer.

random girl10 Jun 2014

I got this random call on my new phone and I've also gotten calls from this number on my old phone so I'm am mega weirded out I'm just a kid so I'm like seriously bothered

04 Jun 2014

Got a call from this phone number, try to answer! STUPED JOKERS! - caller: 253 785 0599

Adam03 Jun 2014

They called my cell also twice in two minutes without leaving a message or answering when I said hello. On the third ring three minutes later I was ready with an air horn. I answered and let the air horn off at the same time. I heard a yell at the other end. Bet they can't hear for a day or two....

Ryan02 Jun 2014

Please stop calling

Sarah02 Jun 2014

Received a call didn't answer due to the fact I didn't know who it belong to, then entered the number online and all these messages came up about the same number!

Nick31 May 2014

Got a call from this # at 6:05pm pacific time. Didn't pick up

Roger29 May 2014

Received call from this number at 7:57 eastern time. I answered and said nothing and they promptly hung up.

Zach28 May 2014

Got a call from them and I did not answer they did not leave a message - caller: (253) 785-0599

Cai27 May 2014

I got a call from this number at 5:52 pm. Didn't recognize the number so I didn't pick up. The caller didn't leave a voice-mail. Said it was from Des Moines, Washington. But I don't know anyone from Washington. - caller: (253)-785-0599

Jack23 May 2014

got call fr. my cell. no answered 5/22/14

Jake22 May 2014

Just got the call tonight it was a live person saying you know someone or someone you love smoke....and i said yeah there sure is wife smokes my pole everynight....and she hung up.....what the hell it

Parker21 May 2014

Meant to say did NOT answer

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