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Caitlin06 Oct 2014

I answered the phone and there was a man with a thick indian accent who began to ask personal info relating to a college I was interested in. Unfortunately, I gave away my name, address, postal code, and email before realizing it was a phishing scam and blocked the number. Don't fall for their BS.

Amy06 Oct 2014

Lady offers a college or education help but my line got disconnect then she called back an yelling on me for hang up ..and speaking in Nepal language which I don't understand..she thought I am from Nepal.which I clarify to her but still she was saying something in Nepali, which I don't understand...

Emma08 Sep 2014

They keep calling and saying how they were going to used my credit card information

Jessica07 Sep 2014

Tlt Tony pedophile 2123007666

Jade07 Sep 2014

Report this number here as I am:

Thomas21 Aug 2014

An indian guy calls and says his name is steve but refuses to tell me why or where he is calling from. They picked the wrong girl to call because I have anger issues and he caught me on a bad day. Who the hell calls and expects us to give them information before they give us. Hopefully I ruined his...

Katie13 Aug 2014

First they call me from a unknown number that seems to be way out of state then they call back on this number when I answered someone by the name jerry he say he was calling to give me info about schools in my area after that he asked me questions about myself very personal questions so I asked him...

Adam19 Jun 2014

They knew my name. It's some sort of "College Information". Their English is very bad and difficult to understand. I don't want this information. I don't think they are calling from the U.S. even though this looks like a California phone #. I have a very basic cell phone. It's not smart. I don't...

James18 Jun 2014

Caller called several times is plain rude.

Jake15 Apr 2014

I don't know who this is

David11 Apr 2014

constant calls, several times a day, to house phone and cell phone. Mine is a no call number. can we stop this?

Nathan08 Apr 2014

They keep calling me!!! I Don't answer if I don't get a message or don't know the number!!!!

MJ05 Apr 2014

This number keeps calling my phone. I do not answer it and they do not leave a message. Whom ever it is has been calling my phone for weeks. The caller id is out of Los Angles, but unknown....

Sharon29 Mar 2014

This call is a PC scam. Claims I am getting malicious software on my PC, wants to help by taking over my PC. Don't fall for this scam. Never give anyone remote access to your PC. - caller: Unknown name

V28 Mar 2014

They call my cell phone everyday asking for my boyfriend by name. They keep asking for college information, they call using different numbers trying to trick you. Don't give them your info. It's a scam. - caller: +1 323-315-0045

Jake27 Mar 2014

they called my self phone and called me by name, i asked who they were and they said is this wendy, i said why are you calling and they left the line hang open so i hung up

Joshua27 Mar 2014

called 4 times in 15 minutes.....did not answer, no message

Joe27 Mar 2014

Has called 2 days in a row insisting I am john smith told them I don't know a john smith their like uh huh then call me john smith again told them don't know john smith and take me off their list ugh

Joe27 Mar 2014


Charlotte27 Mar 2014

I called back, couldn't understand their message, but told them to leave me alone and take me off their "list"..ha ha it's just an Obama phone I have anyways! I've been looking at colleges...funny how they got my number.

Matthew26 Mar 2014

Annoying phone call. Three times a day. I never answer, but this is a sick person calling that many times a day.

Holly25 Mar 2014

Omg, i've had the same thing happen to me. They've been calling me for a week straight now. I haven't answered to them, cause i dont know anyone in LA. it gets annoying.

Callum25 Mar 2014


Zoe25 Mar 2014

Don't call back they hack your number....that is what happened to me. Charged almost $3000. in one day. Had to change my phone number. The telephone provider had to write off all that money.

David25 Mar 2014

Called several time today... no ans... very annoying. how can we stop this call? any help available?

Molly25 Mar 2014

Called asking if he could call me at night and to be his girlfriend..... I felt harassed

Emily25 Mar 2014

Calls and hangs up

AG25 Mar 2014

Has called 3 times in the past day with no message left each time.

msm24 Mar 2014

has called 2 times in the last 30 minutes with no message. - caller: 323-315-0045

Emma24 Mar 2014

I have received numerous phone calls from this # telling me they will tell me about colleges and universities in my area. I've told them I am not interested, then they hang up. How many times can they do this and not get the message? Rude, rude, rude.

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