Got a call from 4044001192? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 09 May 2014.

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Molly24 Mar 2014

Caller ID Atlanta, GA Called, left no message. Reverse trace - call from Peerless Network of Georgia, LLC - GA.

Nathan24 Mar 2014

Just got three hang up from this number

Zoe24 Mar 2014

Don't know the number, didn't answer it, blocked it.

Nathan24 Mar 2014

I just received 4 hang up calls from this number.

James24 Mar 2014

I just got a call from this number. Didn't answer and they left no message.

Caitlin25 Mar 2014

I received an unsolicited call from these people concerning health insurance. I politely agreed to talk to someone even though I already have insurance. When an agent came on the line and asked if I was looking for insurance for myself or my family, I told him that I had insurance and before I could...

Lauren25 Mar 2014

I received a hang-up from this number, and I'm tired of getting telemarketer calls for health insurance since I already have it. They just won't take a polite "no" for an answer.

Adam25 Mar 2014

Been getting different phone calls. They hang up very quickly after I answer and if I don't answer they don't leave a message. I don't know it's for insurance till I look up the phone number. Surprised it came up Humana, then it came up E&O insurance for Less. Every since this Obama Care stuff has...

Adam26 Mar 2014

I too got a call again on my cell, today while I was out, from 404-400-1192........ No message......I wasn't home to answer, which I wouldn't have since it's an unfamiliar #.

Alex26 Mar 2014

received a call from this number, but did not leave a message.

Lewis26 Mar 2014

Unsolicited call from an unnamed insurance company regarding my health insurance plan which I supposedly ordered. Which I didn't. So, I blocked them.

Chloe27 Mar 2014

Got a call from 404-400-1192. Didn't recognize the number, so answered, as standard procedure, "Sheriff's Department, how may I help you?" Fastest hangup yet.

N3PLA200028 Mar 2014

I received a call from this number. The voice sounded artificial, so I asked; "If this is a real person?" The voice responsed "Yes, this is a real person, why do you ask?" I next said; "We'll it sounds like a recording, ..." At that the caller (human or otherwise) hung up the phone. My statement went unfinished, I was going to further comment "because it sounded so perfect!" If they're selling insurance, I'm not interested. Even if they were the last insurance company on planet Earth! - caller: 4044001192

IJW31 Mar 2014

Just got a call from this number; it rang twice, left no message, I blocked them. - caller: Your Health

Lisa01 Apr 2014

Left no message.

P.O.'d01 Apr 2014

Another scammer pretending to be insurance in sales. Though the number shows an Atlanta GA ID, they are actually rerouting the call from outside the U.S. This hides their real identities and keeps them well hidden from the feds.

Mary02 Apr 2014

Got a call from this number. I answered but they didn't speak when I said Hello x4 I returned their call and a recorded message stated I would be transfered to a rep... got another recorded message.... they Never say Who or Why they would be calling. - caller: 404 400 1192

David04 Apr 2014

Call from 404-400-1192. Rang once. Then they hung up.

Mac04 Apr 2014

Get calls from this insurance telemarketing company practically day, I tell them I'm on the do not call list, and ask the person on the line how they like getting this garbage daily when they are on the list too? They rudely hang up, then call again the next day. For everyone that's utilized the 'no not call' list, how do you like the way the federal government is running it? And now, just how do you think they'll handle our health insurance? I rest my case. - caller: insurance telemarketer

Lucy08 Apr 2014

they dont leave messages.say you ask for quotes if you answer. call over and over

Sophie08 Apr 2014

i answered this call just to use my standard goodbye to spammers. Me and my air horn which says goodbye for me.

Jessica09 Apr 2014

Kelp calling even though I called back and selected option not to call me. Very disrupting they call several times a day.

Olivia10 Apr 2014

Yeah, THIS is how he created jobs--for scammers and frauds.

Connor10 Apr 2014

they call my like 20 times

Joe11 Apr 2014

Submit the number for violations of the do-not-call registry & then block it. This is a problem the government SHOULD be dealing with.

Eric14 Apr 2014

Just saw the number and wondered who would call me from a 404 area code.

Bethany15 Apr 2014

7:40 AM Got a call from someone named David. When I asked him if he knew what time it was he hung up. My cell phone number is registered at the do not call Registry.

Thomas16 Apr 2014

I just received a call from this number and answered it. Lady said her name was Joan, had to ask for last name then she said Aldren. When I asked her company, she said her name again. So, I repeated the question and said, ya know how you work for. Said that company name was Health Enrollment, and...

Katie16 Apr 2014

We didn't answer. They didn't leave a message.

Ben16 Apr 2014

They called me but I didn't hear them cus no voice respond.

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