Got a call from 4046109761? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 02 May 2014.

James 02 May 2014

This number called me this morning and did not leave a message. I am on also on the Do Not Call list. Caller ID indicated "Unavailable" caller.

Debbie 11 Apr 2014

number on caller ID, didn't answer, no message left on answering machine.

nandy61 08 Apr 2014

left a message "this greg ? returning your call" has called 3 times in 10 days

  01 Apr 2014

I am on the Do Not Call List Who do I turn these idiots in to?

Highly Suspicious 28 Mar 2014

Saw the NON LOCAL area code number with NO NAME on Caller ID and KNEW it was SPAM, so picked up/hung up w/o answering to break the call and, hopefully, 'confuse' the robodialer. Now the number is BLOCKED. Unfortunately, my blocker still allows one ring, so I'm sure I'll be disturbed by these SCUMBAGS again. They started at 9:18AM this morning. We had these types of calls 'tamped down' to a frequency of only 2-3 MONTHLY using these tactics, UNTIL we went on vacation using the **CHOICE HOTELS ONLINE RESERVATION SERVICE** and stayed in COMFORT INNS&SUITES and QUALITY INNS with mostly FOREIGN-BORN (Asian Indian and Pakistani/other 'Stan" orgins) OWNERS. Of course, our home PHONE NUMBER is required in ALL these places, both ONLINE and IN PERSON when checking in. I think the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT should be INVESTIGATING these IMMIGRANTS who have **NO** allegiance to native born Americans and are probably GIVING/SELLING our PRIVATE INFORMATION to their friends and family in their HOMElands to USE AGAINST us. I *DON'T* think this is a "coincidence." CALL TYPE: ILLEGAL, Likely OVERSEAS **CRIMINAL** SCUMBAG SCAMMERS

Nathan 27 Mar 2014

I pressed 2 to be removed and got a woman on the phone. I told her to remove me from her list, that I was on the do not call list. She said, "don't you want to reduce your interest rate?" I said, "Not if you can't tell me what credit card company you are calling from," she said "I told you, credit...

Connor 26 Mar 2014

The usual credit card interest lowering scam illegally calling my DNC-listed phone number today at 1457 hours. I pressed one and then when a flesh-and-blood woman came on the line with her spiel, I blew my emergency whistle directly into the receiver. Needless to say, she disconnected immediately.

Laughing 25 Mar 2014

I guess Rachel has retired. This is yet another of those "lower your interest rates" credit card scams. They actually left a message on my answering machine, although the beginning of it was cut off. This was the message: "........American Express, Discover. If you are receiving this phone call, you are pre-qualified for lower interest rates with your lenders due to your payment history. To qualify, you must owe $3,000 or more in credit card debt and have an interest rate of 10% or higher. If this pertains to you, press 1 for further details. If not, disconnect the call". Pre-qualified? Really? Do you think if you were pre-qualified they would have to add the "IF" ???? I read that so many people either try to call them back or talk to them. Don't waste your time on these lowlifes!

Zoe 24 Mar 2014

Did not answer, no message left. Caller ID displayed "CELLULAR CALL"

Zoe 24 Mar 2014

I punch the agent number and then let them listen to Rush or Mark. It does reduce the number of call I receive. But, I gave LOTS of time to deal with these types when I'm near the phone. I don't have call waiting, or voice mail. It's my phone, and sometimes I don't even answer it. There are other...

Amy 24 Mar 2014

Called and left no msg when the answering machine picked up. We have the robot voice on our answering machine, not a real voice. NEVER pick up a number you don't recognize.

Amy 24 Mar 2014

Called and left no msg when the answering machine picked up. We have the robot voice on our answering machine, not a real voice. NEVER pick up a number you don't recognize.

Georgia 24 Mar 2014

They have called me numerous times for months stating it is my last and final notice for lowering my credit cardbalance or something. I always hang up except for once and poke to a very rude guy who was hard to understand! I too asked to be removed from their list dince I am on the dnc list. I also...

James 21 Mar 2014

The card service scammers WILL "service" our credit cards, BUT, when they finish "servicing" them, they will have no available credit remaining!

Bethany 21 Mar 2014

These "companies" pay the phone company for every call made, so Ma Bell has no intention of putting the brakes on this unless it threatens HER existence. Why don't we TELL her we will cancel our land line service until she weans herself OFF the teet of these telemarketing and scamming scum!

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