Got a call from +15593726775? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 31 Mar 2014.

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JHughes29 Mar 2014

"John" obviously from India - couldn't understand a word he said the first 4 times he called and left a message. Finally deciphered a number and came here first. Nice try dude. Same schpeil... US Treasury department of Legal Affairs. I won't be calling him back. - caller: "John" from US Treasuty Department of Legal Affairs... in India apparently.

Molly22 Mar 2014

Now you all need to start calling them harass them

Thomas21 Mar 2014

Same deal here. Very strong Indian accent representing the Department of Legal Affairs. Left message on voice mail. - caller: 559-372-6775

William20 Mar 2014

Caller claims to be with U.S. Treasury. Strong accent. Told me there was a claim against me regarding my taxes. Asked for my address so he could send authorities to take me into custody. I told him he was a scammer and he hung up. He has been calling for a week, several times a day.

New York 18 Mar 2014

3-18-14 Same deal as California. called my wife who didn't understand the woman. She called back above # and went to voice mail, so she hung up. Same woman called back 3 more times. - caller: 1-559-372-6775

 11 Mar 2014

Last night we received two calls from a woman with a very strong Indian accent stating that she was with the US Treasury and that this was their final call to us. If she did not receive a call back within one hour that a warrant would be issued then finished her call with "Have a blessed day!". So we decided to call the number that she left for us. We reached a voice mailbox of a person by the name of David Richie at U.S. Treasury. After that we decided to look on the internet to see if this was a fraudulent call and thanks to all the other posts found that is was. We also checked the I.R.S. website and found scam identified on their website so we have filed a complaint with the FTC. I sure hope that these people get caught and placed behind bars.

California10 Mar 2014

I was told that I was in a lot of trouble with my taxes and I laughed and said that I wasn't going any further with this phone call; it was fraudulent and the guy on the other end told me that they would be sending the local law enforcement after me and I told him to go a head and send them, then he hung up! It's fraud!

 06 Mar 2014

claiming to be from the department of legal affairs of the us treasury. hung up when i asked for more information.

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