Got a call from 5856331814? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 09 Jun 2014.

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Josh20 Mar 2014

I got a call from this number. They pretended they were the IRS investigation department. Be careful.

Jack20 Mar 2014

Caller with an Indian accent left a message claiming to be from the IRS.

Chloe20 Mar 2014

same as the above comments

Rebecca20 Mar 2014

same as Dennis comments. Voice message is not clear.

Laura21 Mar 2014

I have had 4-5 calls from this number and another (585) number in the past week. The message is an Indian man claiming to be from the IRS. I barely understand his message. He says his name is Paul Martin and there is a mistake on my tax return. Beware.

Michael24 Mar 2014

just got a call from this number saying his name was Baxter something or other from irs

Lauren24 Mar 2014

Me too! Idiot!

James24 Mar 2014

Received a call from a "Michael Brown" with an Indian accent saying he was from the IRS and that the $$ I claimed on my taxes didn't match up and I should call him back or have my attorney call back. Bogus call. Beware!

James24 Mar 2014

We got a message from John Anderson at this number...can barely understand it but it is about IRS info.

Rebecca24 Mar 2014

Got a call from this number claiming to be David cook from the irs

Thomas25 Mar 2014

This number called my phone 5 times in 5 minutes - finally answered it and man with thick accent said he was from the IRS and asked for my name which I didn't give him - I asked who he was looking for and he mumbled a name that I could not understand - then told me that he had spoken to Mr. Couldn't...

Ben25 Mar 2014

I just got a call claiming that my elderly mother in law owed taxes (in which she does not) and should be paid immediately. I told her she was full of S!@#.

Jake25 Mar 2014

Thank you - just tried to call the Treasury Inspector # and went through automated system to a message box and couldn't leave a message because the box was full. I hope that means lots of people are reporting this number. I did also call my local FBI office and the local IRS Scam office and left a...

Shannon25 Mar 2014

somebody call to my house then say my tax have issue call this # 585-633-1814 to resolve. when i cal the number they threating me to take me to jail because i owe taxes from IRS. be careful THAT IS SCAM PEOPLE.

Tom25 Mar 2014

I just got a call from them. Peter Collins left a message and when I called, Adam Spencer answered the phone, he himself called a chief officer of criminal investigation of IRS. He asked me if I got a lawyer. Then without any explanation, IRS are suing me for my previous filing income tax. When I...

Amy26 Mar 2014

I got a message from someone with a thick Indian accent stating he was from the IRS and a lawsuit was being filed. The only thing he could pronounce correctly was his name Paul Martin. Sounded fishy, so I went on line and found a pattern. I'm not the only one.

Jessica26 Mar 2014

Please don't trust this number! It is a scam!

Young26 Mar 2014

I got a call from the guy whose name was Peter Collins, IRA officer with a heavy middle eastern or Indian accent ,left me a message to return the call. When I called, Adam Spencer answered, who also got heavy Indian accent,. As soon as I was looking for Peter Collins, he said he would talk to me himself without asking my ID verification. Then without any explanation, he said IRS is suing me so I better had a lawyer lined up. When I asked him what the case for, he said he couldn't discuss on the phone. When I tried to identify who he was, he yelled and became hostile and hung up the phone. When my husband called IRS, they said it was scam, and suggested to report immediately. They should be in jail by doing this kind of scam to innocent people. - caller: 1-585-633-1814

Chloe26 Mar 2014

Caller with Indian or Pakistani accent called claiming to be with the IRS and said we need to call another number to talk with an IRS agent.

Beth26 Mar 2014

I got the same call today at 10am from 585-633-1814. I tried to call number but got voice mail with no greeting telling me to leave a message. The voice mail was a man with indian accent said there was an issue with my return and to call or have my lawyer call. I called the Irs at there 800# they...

Robert26 Mar 2014

I got a call from this number, the caller with an Indian accent, I barely to understand, he claim from IRS in New York and said my income tax had a problem!! I ask how come I don't receive any letter from IRS?? he said they already mail out but I don't respond?? He ask me to call him back tomorrow, his name is Kevin Johnson 1 585-633-1814 ext # 359, is it a scam?? what should and where do I report this matter?? - caller: KEVIN JOHNSON

Holly27 Mar 2014

Yes, I got two calls from this number this morning, 3/27/14. I didn't answer them, I let them ring through to my voicemail. There were voicemails from a 'Steve Watson' claiming to be a rep from the IRS. I thought the voice had an islands accent, but no matter, it was a shakedown for money owed to...

Jack27 Mar 2014

I work for the IRS and received the same call.. I knew it was a scam.

Nathan27 Mar 2014

Got the same call from a guy with a thick Indian accent. Couldn't understand half of what he was saying. He left a message and was adamant that I should call him back. Sounded like a big scam. Apparently, I'm not the only one that got this call.

Joanie28 Mar 2014

same thing. indian speaking woman claiming i should call this number back and speak to Adam Spencer about a tax issue! - caller: crystal taylor

Jean30 Mar 2014

received this call fri 3/28 let it go to voice mail as i always do with numbers i do not recognize. when i listened it was an man with middle eastern accent claiming to work for IRS and that I should call back or have my attorney call back because i owed the government money. He treatened me if I tried to ignore the call. 1. IRS will never call first they will always send you a certified letter if you owe taxes 2. If these scammers want to get away with this, they really should use more credible sounding people, perhaps ones that have an american accent. 3. Anyone with half a brain can tell this is a SCAM! JUST LAUGH AND ERASE IT! - caller: Scammer

Charlie31 Mar 2014

This criminal has called my home twice within the last three days. I have filed a report with the IRS - caller: 585-6331814 Daniel Black?

Elaine Nguyen01 Apr 2014

Got a call from "John Black" from this number claiming to be from the IRS Department. He wanted to see my teenage younger brother. Makes no sense whatsoever. Hopefully they won't call us again. - caller: 5856331814

Satesh05 Apr 2014

Even i got a call today and the guys told me to call kevin johnson on the same number that he called me. He mentioned IRS had some issues with my taxes and he should call me immediately. He also had a case number for me. He had a very heavy accent. He said his name was Henry Carter. Sounded suspicious. I am going to report to IRS. - caller: Henry Carter - 585-633-1814

Martin 07 Apr 2014

I received a call from this number stating they were the IRS and special department Daniel Flawg. Caller said it was time sensitive and If I or my attorney don't call back then good luck.

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