Got a call from 5856331814? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 09 Jun 2014.

Jordan 15 Jul 2014

There are some numbers in the comments section. These people are scammers..

Harry 11 Jul 2014

Call from Adam Spencer claiming to be from the IRS 585.633.1814 threatening you with revocation of driver's license and jail time if you don't pay them within an hour is fraudulent. Please report them using Washington DC Link.

Lucy 11 Jul 2014

Calling saying IRS

Lauren 11 Jul 2014

Today, 07/10/2014, at 11:59 am I got a message, left in my voice mail, from Rochester, NY. The guy with heavy Indian (?) accent claimed that he is from IRS and his name is Mattew Johnes. He said something regarding the issue with my tax return and threatened me with some legal staff. Hope, it is...

Adam 08 Jul 2014

Got a call frm "mary lee" from the "IRS". Same indian accent sane crap, She even laughed 30 seconds into ger script lol,M What a joke! Yeah, the IRS MAILS you a notification, they never call. Dont fall for this scam ppl.

Jessica 07 Jul 2014

Computer generated voice mail stating urgent IRS business and to return call to Officer Heater Grey. When I returned call a lady with a heavy Indian accent answered and said DSS. When I asked who I was calling she said the Internal Revenue Service and asked for the phone number from which I received...

Katie 03 Jul 2014

Had a message on my phone today from same #(585) 633-1814, Ofcr Heather Gray IRS and told me not to ignore this call. Called back and the call would connect then drop after it rang once. Never spoke to anyone.

Caitlin 02 Jul 2014

I received a phone call at 12:46 on July 2, 2014 - it was an automated message, from 'Heather at the IRS', asked me or my attorney to return the call before any legal action was taken against me. Sounded fake so I googled it. Good thing.

Chloe 01 Jul 2014

Same thing for 7 years now, how ever I got the day when thier line was active and my day off. Called roughly 300 times. Asking if they removed my number because I'm not Sandra Zimmerman. They were begging me not to call back, just thought I would fight back or atleast tie up the lines. Off to make...

Emily 30 Jun 2014

Got same call as most everyone else. 585-633-1814. said it was IRS. claimed to be Mike Davis. said my taxes were messed up. I cussed this guy up and down until he hung up. then I called the number back and cussed his sorry a** again. too funny

Daniel 28 Jun 2014

"this is IRS", This call is for you, you must call 585-633-1814 immediately, matters of extreme importance must be discussed or serious actions will be taken against you. I call from my cell phone and the person answers with this heavy accent. He says he is with the IRS and wants my name. I say what...

Matthew 28 Jun 2014

Just received a call from this number 585-633-1814 saying we had a problem with our income statement from Marylee and to return a call as soon as possible. It was a Indian accent and very hard to understand. It was very suspicious when we retuned the call and the line was busy and no voice mail. We...

Sophie 26 Jun 2014

Maybe we (USA citizens) should start calling them over there :)

Rebecca 25 Jun 2014

Man with Indian accent, asked me to call this number 585-633-1814, saying that I have got problems with my tax... He provided a name, David or Kevin Johnson? Nor sure, as his accent was strong. He became impatient when I tried to confirm the name, but he let me repeat the phone number. That made it...

Matthew 25 Jun 2014

Just got a call from Mike Davis from the Internal revenue also knew right away it was a fake call

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