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Pam25 Feb 2014

Person could not speak english well at all, asked about my "ranchero" - I don't own one. Hung up when I asked him to repeat his question. Called the number back and got a recording that said they are closed to call back between 7:00 am dn 4:00 PM Pacific time. Definately feels like some type of scam.

Rick25 Feb 2014

selling auto warranty, poor English.

stacy26 Feb 2014

Same thing as Pam

chris26 Feb 2014

A scam for sure. Auto warranty sales from someone with terrible English.

Lori08 Mar 2014

What Matt said

 11 Mar 2014

slow to respond...loud background...very bad English...

 12 Mar 2014

Bad English with lots of noise in the background. Person stated the call was to check the warranty on my car and asked me for the current mileage. Caller set off flags for me and hung up immediately.

 13 Mar 2014

How do you get these people to stop calling?? They keep calling my work number.

Joyce Sykes17 Mar 2014

They keep on calling me pretty much every day and every day I tell them to stop calling me. Does anyone know how to stop them? They call my cell phone, so I have blocked this number, but I am sure they will just call from another number. - caller: Unknown warranty seller

 20 Mar 2014

nh area code call back indicates office closed please call back from / till pacific time - sounds fishy to me

Stormy Burke22 Mar 2014

Just got this call too. Same as all above, but couldn't understand him and he hung up when I asked him to repeat himself. NH area code, obviously a scam. - caller: Comes from Manchester NH number, 603-263-6878, I'm in NH wouldn't trust this

 25 Mar 2014

Significant background noise. Caller did not sound like a native English speaker. Asked for me by name and then said they were calling about my "2010 Dodge Nitro", which they pronounced "nee-tro". When I stated that I did not own a vehicle meeting that description, they hung up.

Ben25 Mar 2014

I received a call from this # yesterday. The caller said they were from the "vehicle processing center" or something along those lines. They were calling about a car I no longer have. When I told them they hung up. I just got another call from them but didn't answer. I'm guessing they called this time because they're stupidly calling about the same car or perhaps another one I no longer have. If memory serves me correctly the "vehicle processing center" sells aftermarket warranties. I get mail from them from time to time. I suppose if they're going to keep pestering me that I'll have to report them for calling a number on the do not call list.

A Different Ben25 Mar 2014

Have received three calls from them in 3 days. Was not able to pick up as was in a meeting each time. No messages left. Based on above information I am blocking call

Chris26 Mar 2014

Same as some of the other commenters. Lots of noise in background, no one said anything, they just hung up. I only answered it because I happen to live in the 603 area code.

 27 Mar 2014

They keep calling and I'm on the do not call list. They are leaving weird messages

Chris07 Apr 2014

I've received several calls from this number. I never pick up and they never leave a voicemail. When I call it back I get the same message as Pam. they are currently closed and to call back between 7 and 4 pacific time. Shady...

DL08 Apr 2014

No VM and unable to call back. Get a message that the call center is only open between 7am - 4pm pacific time. Since this is a New Hampshire number, I'm guessing it's a scam. - caller: Scammer

Ben Gunn08 Apr 2014

Selling car warranty. Poor English. Hung up once I mentioned the Do Not Call list! Idiots!

Donna10 Apr 2014

They keep calling. When I called back recording said office hours were closed and they didn't name the company. Would like to report this number.

Olivia15 Apr 2014

Left no message. When I called back the recorded message did not id the company and said the office was now closed.

Daniel15 Apr 2014

I get a call at least once or twice a day, I don't recognize the number so I don't answer... When I call back it says their office is closed How do I get them to stop calling me

Chris17 Apr 2014

They call at least twice a day, never leave a message.

Derrick18 Apr 2014

Same. Retarded person.. usually happens when u post on creigs list. Happens to us all.. JUST SCREEN YOUR CALLS LIKE MOST OF US DO EGORE IT!! LOL - caller: Yoyo

Derrick 19 Apr 2014

They called again today and i answered it for the hell of it. Damn indians, cant understand her a bit but how did they know my name though?? I told them they had the wrong #.

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