Got a call from 6069810160? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.number was last reported on: 07 May 2014.

Joe07 May 2014

Got a call from this number....called back and some dude with an Indian Accent started asking me for my Email Address, physical address...after I told him no and what company he represented he stated that he was trying to send me info that could save me cash on car insurance....I told him I work in the INFOSEC industry, was on the Federal Do Not Call list and as of this week I have gotten a ton of SPAM calls to my business line telling me I qualified for student loans...he hung up on me

Tom05 May 2014

First time they called, it registered as Country Code 60 (Malaysia) with the remainder of the numbers following. Didn't leave a message. The next time they called , about an hour later, identical numbers in the same order, but was an American number with area code. Again, no message left. Very...

Adam02 May 2014

Got call from 606-981-0160 picked up and heard a ring. I then hung up.

Libby30 Apr 2014

I had the same number call me but they said I had been approved for a car loan???? Then I got 9 other calls all from different numbers in the last 2 days, usually a few call right after one another

Beth29 Apr 2014

Good advice Slim.

Callum25 Apr 2014

have recieved about 15 calls in a 4 hour span from 3 different numbers 606-981-0160 909-340-2134 909-666-4425 Trying to tell me I won money, hanging up on me, no answer, arguing with me.

Lewis25 Apr 2014

Same type of call about student loan. Someone gave out my number and have been getting calls from all over the country. Blocked the number. Thanks Anita whoever you are.

Rachel24 Apr 2014

I keep receiving unwanted calls from this number it needs to STOP!!

David23 Apr 2014

Did not answer call. No message left.

Sam22 Apr 2014

Me too, received 10 calls within 10 minutes of each other.

Tom22 Apr 2014

In simple they are the same scam group that claims there windows. I found this out when I heard a guy in the background Saying hello would you like to go back to school. From a *cough* WINDOWS company. I told her she wasn't being very truthful went on to tell me how this was legit. I told her I work...

Katie21 Apr 2014

So I gotta call from this guy and he spoke in some sort of an Indian accent asking me if I wanted to go back to school. He said 'is this "my name"?' and I was like OMFG how the hell does he know mah name!! And I just said "no... you must have gotten the wrong number or something..." and he says "Oh...

Molly17 Apr 2014

606-981-0160 do not wake me at 07:48 again! I am very busy and need every opportunity to get a few minutes sleep.In fact, don't ever call me EVER!

James17 Apr 2014

Same here, "you have indicated you might like to go back to school". One nice lady even talked with me for several minutes, then made an announcement like "You understand the contract you have just entered" or something like that and I just said, no, I am no longer interested in talking to you and...

Penny Higson17 Apr 2014

No message left

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