Got a call from 7023595618? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 14 Apr 2014.

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Sophie24 Mar 2014

3 calls have come in today from this no., when I answer, I can hear them hang up. I even called the no. back and got a recording indicating the no. had been disconnected.

Jessica24 Mar 2014

Since my last message, I have received 3 more calls from this Las Vegas number. No words are spoken. These phone calls are becoming a nuisance.

Zoe24 Mar 2014

I have received @ 5 calls from this number. They do not leave any message.

Alex24 Mar 2014

Same thing...6 calls from this number and I finally answered and they hung up. Ugghh! How do you get them to quit calling?

Liam24 Mar 2014

Must have gotten 10 call from this number. I answered once and no one was there. I put DND on my phone

Jake24 Mar 2014

This is the 2nd number in a week that keeps calling nonstop and never leaves a message. Am blocking this one, too. I am on the do not call list, so this is unacceptable.

Jake24 Mar 2014

I answered and the person barely spoke English and was trying to sell some weight loss crap from Cambodia or something. I said do not call me again!

Molly25 Mar 2014

have called every hour for two days..make it stop!!

Connor25 Mar 2014

I started getting the calls last night and I have already received 6 today. This is sad. They need to stop

Michael25 Mar 2014

Received 10 calls from this number in the last 24 hours. Calls are blocked, so I only see I received the call, but the phone doesn't ring.

Megan25 Mar 2014

I keep getting calls from this ph # I don't answer it because I know no one that lives in Nevada. I is a harassing nuisance. It never says who's calling just that it is NV, USA.

James25 Mar 2014

Same thing here. They call at all hours of the day. I answer the Phone and they hang up . I call back and it's a number out of service. I was getting calls from a 407 area code for Cambodia weight loss pills and I asked them to take me off their calling list. I have a feeling these are the same...

Olivia25 Mar 2014

10 calls just today WTF. No one is there the 2 times I answered. The phone company googled the number and told me others were complaining. When I found this I noticed people mentioned Cambodia and Combodia??? However I believe it is Cambogia as in Garcinia Cambogia a weight loss supplement that had...

Jess25 Mar 2014

I have been receiving calls from this number non-stop the last two days. I have not answered any calls, since I do not recognize this number. I just saw the post above me from Angry F****r, and realized what happened. (Maybe this will help somebody) Angry said they recently looked at this weight...

Jade25 Mar 2014

that explains it, yes i was also looking at those diet pills....and decided not to purchase cause of the price

Molly25 Mar 2014

Received this call today. No one spoke, just hung up!!

Connor25 Mar 2014

same thing here. 10+ a days. tons of phone calls. caller ID originally pulled up ECHOSYSTEM and now it pulls up OCC ECHOSYSTEM

Georgia25 Mar 2014

This number has called 3 times calles ut back and no is disconected...wth people stop calling..annoying. .

Donnely26 Mar 2014

Same here... i have gotten 17 calls in the past 3 days. Same happens, you answer-no one there, you call back-says disconnected. If they are calling to sell something they are doing a horrible job! + i wouldn't buy anyways. - caller: 702-359-5618

Jack26 Mar 2014

Received 2 calls - 3/26/14. Caller simply hanged up, no messages. very annoying!

Adam26 Mar 2014

Same here, went to the site for Dr. OZ, keep getting these phone calls from this number, wish I had never done it! Please send out a warning to not look at that web site. These people keep calling non stop!

Jess26 Mar 2014

I wish these calls would just stop , instead of scanning people maybe they should concentrate on getting a real job ...

Shannon26 Mar 2014

Just rec'd two calls from this number. Did not answer it

Laura26 Mar 2014

they have been calling my phone #for days

Jake26 Mar 2014

they call multiple x's for days now

Rachel26 Mar 2014

I have received three calls today 3/26/14 and each time the phone is dead, or hang up. Don't know who or what this is but it needs to stop. I actually answered as I know someone in this area code....but it wasn't my friend. I would like to know if this is pranksters or what. It's irritating!!!

Georgia27 Mar 2014

This place calls repeatedly and does not leave a message. As in 10 times in one day.

Daniel27 Mar 2014

Received several calls this AM minutes apart. Answered the first one because my husband has family in NV. All I got was silence then an automated "goodbye." I called the phone company immediately and reported it.

Nathan27 Mar 2014

Have no idea why they began. Been receiving calls for two days now.

Amy27 Mar 2014

They call and hang up several times a day. Today I got 5 calls in 1hour.

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