Got a call from 7247133149? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 29 Apr 2014.

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rccl28 Mar 2014

"ROBO CALL SCAM!!!lower interest rates.

Steve30 Mar 2014

Confirmed: lower your interest rate. Every time you press to talk to them to be removed, they hang up before you can get the words out! - caller: 7247133149

Mike01 Apr 2014

Scam appears to continue, I have a local home system and have blocked the number. Even though I am on the no-call list, it appears to not matter to these yo-yo's - caller: 724-713-3149

Matthew09 Apr 2014

I have had plenty of time to check this out. This is coming from our inmates in prison where they nothing to do but call you on the phone. In short, they ask you for your credit number while they are writing it down for another inmate to call Amazon to place an order for an item to be shipped to a...

Bag buster10 Apr 2014

Douche bag scammers wanting to lower your interest rate. They will lower your pants and pork you in the butt. Mostly ragheads calling. - caller: 7247133149

Rich-O14 Apr 2014

Just got this call 15 minutes ago, reverse lookup gave me the same info, saying it's a T-Mobile #, so I called T-Mobile customer service to file a report. Now that they are aware someone is using their phone service for criminal purposes, they should shut the service off.

Prize headquarters14 Apr 2014

To the person that just called me from 1 724-713-3149 , I've got GREAT news- you're our 1 millionth caller, and that entitles you to our $50,000.00 grand prize!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please respond to this post promptly with an address that we can hand deliver your certified check to, and the spelling of whom it should be made out to, and we'll do the rest!!!! Congratulations again, great job, hope to hear from you soon!!!!!

Rob16 Apr 2014

Just got a spam call now from this # Lower Interest Rates, no option to remove - caller: Robo

Dallas16 Apr 2014

Just called me. Hung up when my VM message started . - caller: scammers

Me16 Apr 2014

Prize Headquarters that was a great response!

Autodialer16 Apr 2014

Called but left no message. - caller: OUT OF AREA

Chuck19 Apr 2014

They called again about reducing interest rates on my credit cards, but they did not know which cards I had. Spam caller. - caller: 724.713.3149

Jess24 Apr 2014

Yet another "final" scam call from Card Member Services that have been going on for years. They just keep changing their phone number and caller ID. Being on the 'do not call list' means nothing to them.

Liam24 Apr 2014

These pieces of s - - t keep calling my house and never leave a message. Hit * 60 and follow the prompts to block this garbage. It really works!

Jack29 Apr 2014

Scam scam scam claim interest rate reduction all they want is your card numbers so they can rob you and the bank

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