Got a call from 7329410166? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 03 May 2014.

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Rebecca25 Mar 2014

These @ssholes are calling from a different number now. This is a telemarketer using a pre-recorded robocall to sell "carpet cleaning at a reasonable price." They are in New Jersey, I am in California. They subcontract with local (illegals from a country south of the border who speak a language that...

Angra Dave02 Apr 2014

Hi, My name is Samantha and I'm calling about taking you to the cleaners.

Rachel11 Apr 2014

Added to my block list

Ben16 Apr 2014

caller id said "marketing", no message left

Ellie17 Apr 2014

These crooks called me last week in violation of the Do Not Call List. I requested they place me on their Do Not Call List. So what did these scumbags do? They called me again. When I asked one of their telemarketing pricks to not call me again, the b*****d hung up on me.

Holly21 Apr 2014

Remove 732-941-0166 from calling list

Connor24 Apr 2014

These idiots called me about carpet cleaning with a recorded message, in violation of the Do Not Call List. Why on earth would anyone do business with a company that is already acting sleazy before you have even talked to them? Note to self: next time I investigate a business, I will not just Google...

Nathan03 May 2014

@ssholes using a robocall want to clean my carpets. They are in New Jersey, I am in California. They subcontract to local companies to do the actual cleaning. The local companies are illegal aliens working out of their homes. You wouldn't want them in your home.

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