Got a call from 7605453860? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 09 Jun 2014.

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Caitlin21 Mar 2014

they called didn't leave message, nor did we answer. if they want us badly send us a letter in the mail, otherwise GET BENT!

Chloe10 Apr 2014

Stop calling my phone. I wont pick up, or call back if there's a message saying to

Holly16 Apr 2014

these calls are either scammer's or telemarketers, I don't answer if they can't leave a voice message you know it not legit.

William21 Apr 2014

Selling Car Insurance, I told them I don't have a car and they said, "okay, thanks for picking Up"

Shannon22 Apr 2014

I never answer numbers I don't recognize and let them go to reverse look-up. It shows as Collection Company, I don't owe anyone so why call me. Just another telemarketer/scam.

Rebecca05 May 2014

760-545-3860 claimed to be insurance rate finder. I suspect they are data miners looking for credit card numbers and personal info.

Daniel12 May 2014

Called me three times today alone. No vm. Disconnected when I return the call.

Rebecca16 May 2014

This number 760-545-3860 keeps calling me make them stop. I call back and theres a message stating this number has been disconnected. Got to be a scam. O caller ID

mark09 Jun 2014

I got a call today wanting to know about the insurance waned. I don't but when I said I needed to bill for this call since they called my work's cell number, they just hung up. I hope the call recorders get the message! - caller: none

Charlotte17 Jun 2014

Called me, I didn't answere as it was an unknown number, I called back and with in 2 min it had been disconnected or was no longer in service. What a joke, looks like yet another number going into my blocker app

Ryan19 Jun 2014

F****ng n****r a** scammers trying to get personal info

Callum24 Jun 2014

Recieved call from the same number. When I answered they hung up. When I called back using my land line (not cell) it says number is disconnected. It is definitely a scam or telemarketer. I have answered before to a scam that claims you owe money or are about to be charged with check fraud. They...

Harry02 Jul 2014

Well said! Very informative. And I already knew most of what u said is true, so u obviously know what u are taking about..... listen to this person people! If you get scammed in this day and age of information being at your finger tips, then I'm sorry to be so harsh, but you kinda deserve it....

Chris08 Jul 2014

7605453860 keeps callin please help to make stop

Jordan08 Jul 2014

I got a call and they wouldn't speak or identify themselves. Then they hung up. When I called back there is no voice mail am d if got a message the number has been disconnected or is out of service. In 30 seconds? Some kind of hocus pocus or Scam

Jade10 Jul 2014

Calls 4-5 times a day over last month no messages left Very annoying I don't answer at all

Zoe14 Jul 2014

i picked the phone up and it shut said hey and i said hey and they said good bye so i feel dumbfounded

Joshua14 Jul 2014

Been getting calls from this number. When I answer I get a recorded message that just says Goodby and the line disconnects. I tried calling back and get a message that the number has been disconnected. Called sprint and they have blocked the number for me.

Connor14 Jul 2014

Does he call back again he called me and i he asked for my son witch is a minner and hung up and says he will call back later does he and he had a Indian ascent

Sophie15 Jul 2014

called 3 times in the past 2days.they do not leave a message.tried calling back,says phone is not in service.

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