Got a call from 7738407082? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.number was last reported on: 15 Aug 2014.

Sean15 Aug 2014

Got a call from this number. Checked my history and noticed this caller has been calling me about once a month. I came here and then blocked the number.

Lucy15 Aug 2014

Called today with this no. 1 (773) 840-7082 IL, USA. No VM, no response and so do I.

m14 Aug 2014

got a call hung up when I answered

Brandon12 Aug 2014

Called me. Didn't say anything. -.-

Marie12 Aug 2014

I heard about this number being a fake before so when I saw the number I decided to have a little fun. I answered and a female spoke saying her name was Sam. She asked if I had a moment and I said sure. She asked if my car was insured and I said no. She seemed kind of lost for a few seconds and asked if I had a car. I told her no because I was 15 and can't drive. She lost it and automatically said," Alright then have a nice day", and hung up.

Natalie12 Aug 2014

Get a call from them every now and again, sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month, when I pick up there's no one on the line. I finally just blocked them.

Chloe12 Aug 2014

It's a LIE If somebody calling from this# tells you they work for Allstate & or State Farm. I keep getting calls from this #. Do NOT give any info ever to these people.

steph08 Aug 2014

August 8th answered no responce. I hung up.

Alp07 Aug 2014

I get called by this number about twice a month. I answered once and didn't talk and they hung up. I called back and it said something about saving money on your car insurance.

M.07 Aug 2014

Just got a call from this number. The person on the other line was named Sue, and she wanted to talk to me about my auto insurance. WTH? I don't own a car. I told her that she must have a wrong number and hung up.

Lucy05 Aug 2014

I have been getting calls from this number the past week every day. I have a work phone and personal and I am getting calls on both phones. No voicemail.

Chris04 Aug 2014

Car insurance company. I don't own a car......

Frances 04 Aug 2014

I've been getting calls from this number (about once a week) for months now. I've never actually picked up, because I don't know who's on the other end, but it's starting to get kind of annoying...

Ashlynn01 Aug 2014

I get called by this number at least once a day. I always tend to pick it up to see who/what it is but they always hang up on me before being able to. It's getting really annoying.

Ryan01 Aug 2014

Did not recognize so I did not answer.

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