Got a call from +17862044358? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 28 Jun 2014.

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Olivia17 Oct 2014

I got this call on my cell. My number was private. That means I gave my number only to people that I want to call me. The only way to stop these scams is to stop companies from SELLING our numbers without our permission. Remember, they make money off of our aggravation and inconvenience. We must...

Connor17 Oct 2014

They called me 3 times. The first two I didn't answer, but the third one I did. I heard a single beep and then it hung up after 8 seconds. I didn't get any Spanish, but I have a prepaid phone and I live in MD (but that doesn't really matter I guess does it.)

Daniel15 Oct 2014

The US does not have an official language.

Matthew15 Oct 2014

Call and hung up

Lewis15 Oct 2014

Just received a call from this number (786-204-4358). Per the following FTC information, do not call them back or you will be charged HIGH fees --

Alice15 Oct 2014

Same number called last week and this week. Last week I didn't answer and they left no message. Just now I picked up and some recorded message came on in Spanish, which I do not understand. Then it hung up. WTH?

Lewis14 Oct 2014

I received a phone call on my cell phone today at 4:19 PM Eastern Standard Time. It was phone number 786-204-4358. I am quite sure it was a telemarketer. I did not answer the phone. I get these calls almost every day from different telephone numbers either on my landline or on my cell phone. It is...

Alex14 Oct 2014

called; no message

Nathan14 Oct 2014

I didn't answer.

Matthew14 Oct 2014

This number called my husband first, then about an hour or so later it called my phone. Neither of us answered.

Scott14 Oct 2014

This is a unwanted call.

Tom14 Oct 2014

Received a call from this number but I didn't answer.

Jess14 Oct 2014

I replied and said,"NO SPEAKIN' SPANISH...!!!"

Ben13 Oct 2014

Call was in Spanish and I don't recognize the number.

Joshua11 Oct 2014

I just got a call from the 786 number - one ring, hang up, I know no one with that area code. My advice: Don't answer and don't call back!

Rachel11 Oct 2014

Received call didn't answer.on do not call list. Any way to stop this?

Jessica11 Oct 2014

It is a scam from out of the usa.the calls are routed through. US phone. numbers

Lauren11 Oct 2014

i just got a call from them too, I added it to my contacts as 'spanish' so I know next time they call. I set the ringtone to 3 seconds of silence. ( google silent mp3) it works great for crap calls like this and bill collectors. the contact shows up when they call, but it doesnt ring, it is the same...

Luke10 Oct 2014

how do you block cell numbers? I keep getting calls from this number too

Harry10 Oct 2014

I know My freind did to

Rachel10 Oct 2014

Well, it's just a word and by the way it's definition includes "very foolish or stupid", as in a very foolish action. Please let go of the divisive political correctness, which is every bit as damaging as people using actual offensive term.

Lucy10 Oct 2014

Received phone call from this number and called back and all circuits were busy. My daughter also received the call

Tom10 Oct 2014

Do not call list . . . Ever hear of it ? ! D O. N O T C A L L

Hannah08 Oct 2014

Called on 10-8-14 Didn't answer.

Hannah07 Oct 2014

Got a call from this number. Did not answer it. Tried calling it back and there was a five second void, then a fast busy signal. A month ago on another phone # the call was in Spanish and I hung up.

Jade06 Oct 2014

Walmart is located in 275 Main Street, White Plains NY...There are a few others...but that is the closet one to the City.

Emma03 Oct 2014

None spoke in Spanish.

Emma02 Oct 2014

I got a call and called back. Just a message say it's a non working number. I have a pre-paid phone so they can't charge me the 19.95 per minute on call back as stated in other posts.

Jordan01 Oct 2014

this number called me, left no message. more b.s., presumably. "if you don't know the number, don't answer the call." - me "a telephone ring is a command; i don't take commands." - arnold schwarzenegger

Ben30 Sep 2014

You are a TROLL! Go away TROLL!

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