Got a call from 7862044358? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.number was last reported on: 28 Jun 2014.

Hannah01 Sep 2014

They say in Spanish, if you want to get scammed, press 1. If not, we will try to attempt to get your money one way or another and if you are smart, just hang up. I just translated what they said in spanish.

Lucy30 Aug 2014

That's why you call and hire people like me. I am a Private Investigator and I just found out that my wife got this call on her phone today. I will be looking further into it.

Josh30 Aug 2014

Ever hear of spoofing numbers? Let that marinate before you answer.

Harry30 Aug 2014

Better question: Who answers these calls without looking up the number? It's 2014 so unless you've been living in a cave, you should know better. Also, I'm far from being on welfare and don't sleep at 10:30. -1 point for your lame response. Go troll Facebook or something.

Scott29 Aug 2014

My experiance: (August 28th, 2014 - 7:08 PM) Duration: 13 Seconds... *The number called, there was about three seconds of silence a voicemail type 'beep', then another ten seconds of silence, then the caller hangs up... The following is a short recording I took the liberty of making for this...

Liam28 Aug 2014

Same here.

Jessica28 Aug 2014

I've been filing complaints with the FCC for ***YEARS*** (Do-Not-Calls and unsolicited faxes), and have copies of each filing to prove it. They NEVER do anything about it but send me an email telling ME how I can sue, yet they give NO ASSISTANCE WHAT-SO-EVER!!! Not even the identity of the...

Sarah26 Aug 2014

It won't do a bit of good this is the third call I have gotten from this No.

Rachel26 Aug 2014

So this number has called me every day. I put the number on my call reject list and they literally called me 6 times within 60 seconds. Bizare.

Alice26 Aug 2014

If you look at the state department website it clearly indicates that the United States does not have an officially spoken language. At one time the Mexicans tried with a petition to have the US official language made Spanish but that fell through. We the people do not have any official language...

Adam25 Aug 2014

That is a scam. I worked for Wal-Mart for years (office associate) and we've never done that. They even listed it on the company intranet as a scam and gave us information to give to customers about it, and also the text messages that were along the same lines.

Luke24 Aug 2014

Got a call at 9:04PM Saturday 08/23/2014 from 786-204-4358. I am pretty sure this violates FCC rules. I did not answer the call since I did not recognize the number.

Lucy23 Aug 2014


Chloe22 Aug 2014

this number called and I always look up area codes I dont know. Never called back or any message left. i dont call back unless there is a legit message from people I know.

Luke21 Aug 2014

After 60 pages of messages here, please respond if you can't piece together that you should do the following: 1) don't answer your phone if you don't know the number, 2) don't call it back, if it's important they would have left a message, 3) forget about it and go on with life. 4) Ignore 1-3 and...

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