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Westy03 Feb 2014

Just had these people call me. It's a florida number and I have a New York number so I didn't pick up or return the call because I've had a few of the scammers from Antigua and Barbados area call me recently. They didn't leave a message.

Lucky04 Feb 2014

Number called picked up phone w/o looking at caller id, they answered did not say a word and hanged up after five seconds.

Eyespyguy04 Feb 2014

Recieved thid evening. Did not answer nor did I bother to call back. I figure if they can't leave a message then it must not be important

matt04 Feb 2014

recorded message was in spanish, spoken very quickly, about 15 seconds long

Rich04 Feb 2014

Did not answer voice message was in Spanish so I don't know what it was about. What a waste of my time.

J Daniel04 Feb 2014

Rang a couple times, no message left

Thwargle04 Feb 2014

Just got a call from this number and didn't answer. They didn't leave a voicemail, so I called back. Verizon claimed the call could not be completed as dialed.

nospam04 Feb 2014

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San04 Feb 2014

Called me this morning at 10:10, left no message. I called them back but they do not pick up my call.

Annoyed04 Feb 2014

Called me just now, when I answered, just heard a beep and then disconnected.

auzzie04 Feb 2014

no clue, calls a lot. I never answer it.

1tiredmom04 Feb 2014

Thinking it was perhaps a college calling to recruit my daughter, I answered to hear a recorded message, spoken in Spanish.

Aero04 Feb 2014

Got a call on my cell phone from this number at 1235 today. My coworker also got a call on her cell phone from this same number around the same timeframe. Strange that this seemingly scam phone number would call two unrelated personal cell phone numbers of two people located in the same office within minutes of each other.

Chris04 Feb 2014

I got the call yesterday. It sounded like an automated sales cal in Spanish.. I hung up. No others call as of yet from this number

buttcrack04 Feb 2014

Just called but I don't answer calls I don't recognize. They can eat my a-hole

MH04 Feb 2014

Number was preceded with 001 which tells me it originated in Mexico or otherwise out of the U.S.

Anaarkey05 Feb 2014

I played it for my son who is in his second year of Spanish in High School...evidently I won something...LOL

m07 Feb 2014

a stinking mexican

kk07 Feb 2014

message in Spanish, definite scammer

not me08 Feb 2014

got a call from this number, answered and got a recording in spanish........

ushudnobetr08 Feb 2014

Why are you people answering phone calls and calling back a number you do not recognize? Caller ID shows the origin of the call and the number. When you answer a robocall, you're confirming your phone number is a valid number. And, calling back a number you don't recognize is just asking for trouble. Wise up!

boochie10 Feb 2014

Keep receiving these annoying calls from this number. Don't answer it.

T10 Feb 2014

Just recived call, didn't answer. Spam,scam for sure!

Larry11 Feb 2014

Received 2 calls in 2 days. I figure if it is important, they will leave a message. No messages, so I added the number to the blocked caller list.

Crystal11 Feb 2014

Says the call is from FL. Let it go to voicemail and what i heard when i listened to said voicemail was a VERY fast talking woman speaking Spanish. Im FAIRLY certain this is one of those "one ring" phone scams that has been circulating through the news lately.

Krissy12 Feb 2014

Called my husband yesterday at 9:51pm. He answered and heard the recording in Spanish. I told him not to pick up, but he kinda has to since he is in the Army and you never want to miss one of their calls. It just called me today at 9:41pm.

sandra12 Feb 2014

Talked in spanish2-11-14

linda12 Feb 2014

got a call from that same number many many times never leaves a message but when I do answer.... english is so horrible could not speak clear english, if it were a real company, number one they would make sure you could speak clear english otherwise what would be the point in hiring you DUH............GET A REAL JOB......

doc13 Feb 2014

A recording offering me sexual favors (in Spanish). Freaky stuff. I think this is one of those Cuban robot prostitution rings I saw on the news.

Terry13 Feb 2014

unknown caller. spoke in spanish. when i said hello there was no response. hung up.

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