Got a call from 8133246619? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 23 May 2014.

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Luke17 Mar 2014

Telemarketer for Insurance Solutions. Reported them for a Do Not Call violaiton

Harry17 Mar 2014

Got a call from them -- whoever they are -- on March 14th. The woman kept saying, "Kim -- hey Kim?" as if she knew me. I did not call back or answer.

David18 Mar 2014

How did you report them?

Megan19 Mar 2014

I got a call while I was out, no message. From Seffner, FL according to my Caller ID

Harry21 Mar 2014

Called at 1:20 PM DST. I do not answer unknown caller numbers as they are often fishing for the time of day someone answers the phone. Thus, your number and the time you answered gets sold to more of these thieves.

Beth26 Mar 2014

It's a lot of pain trying to answer a stupid, unwanted, unsolicited call after surgery

Scott26 Mar 2014

Don't know who these people are but I want them to quit calling now!!!

Jess27 Mar 2014

I got a call from this number and there was no answer when I said hello. Did not know the area code. Hung up... Our phone is on the DO NOT CALL LIST and is UNLISTED ...

Georgia27 Mar 2014

Keeps calling but nobody speaks. ried to block them

Keri01 Apr 2014

I didn't answer when they called but I did try to call it back and when I did music played and an operator said "please hold for an agent".., I just hung up because at that point I knew it was advertising or a telemarketer! - caller: 8133246619

Tommie07 Apr 2014

Received a phone call from this number around 1:45pm. I didn't answer and a message was not left. - caller: FL, USA

Harry09 Apr 2014

I should hope you filed fraud and that they have replaced your card and account numbers. If you have not, do so asap!

Megan10 Apr 2014

Yes, I get calls numerous times a day, but I agree with Susan, NEVER answer the call, hit "regect". I have been on a job hunt for a a couple of months now and that is when it started; the same thing happened a couple of years ago when I was on the web alot looking into an opportunity online. I think...

Michael10 Apr 2014

Asked for Daniel and the hung up after learning they had wrong number.

Charlotte11 Apr 2014

Asked for George and tried to sell me car insurance

Jordan16 Apr 2014

They keep calling me all day, how to stop this nonsense

Matthew21 Apr 2014

I also am on the Do not call list and I am consistently getting calls from this number... Its at least three times a day and I'm getting very frustrated.. What do I have to do to report them and get them to STOP CALLING

Tom30 Apr 2014

Got a call from 813-324-6619: returned the call ans this is what I received: DSW02 Your call cannot be processed, please try your call later.

Josh23 May 2014

They keep calling even when u tell them you are not interested. I want them to stop calling me.

Rachel13 Jun 2014

Me too. I am getting calls from this number, I am on the do not call list also but they keep calling

Jessica16 Jun 2014

Unlisted nothing. They work from a list that begins: 555-555-0001, 555-555-0002.......555-555-5559.......

Thomas17 Jun 2014

Kept getting calls from this # & similar #s, same area code, I finally text this one back 'F#@$ you, A$$hole! LMFAO' only with the real words, have not got a call back in 28 days.

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