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Ryan24 Mar 2014

Received call from 845-582-1984 a gentleman said he was from Microsoft and was calling to fix problem with my computer. I told him I had no issues with my computer and that I would be calling Microsoft back to verify if this was a legit call. He hung up on me. I tried calling back and I get a voice...

Caitlin24 Mar 2014

Same thing called me today... I knew what he was trying to do, but let him waste his time.

Thomas24 Mar 2014

Just got a call from these bums. Some woman named "maria" said she was with technical support from some company. It wasn't Microsoft, but I don't remember because I was half asleep. The Caller ID showed some "Anil Bahi" This isn't the first call I've gotten from some scammer trying to get into my...

Caitlin24 Mar 2014

I got the same call and I told her I always keep up to date with my updates and never had a problem. But I did let her know it was a nice scam and I would call her back when I did I got a message saying goodbye

Sam25 Mar 2014

I also have gotten several calls from this number - 2x's they talked to my wife saying they were MS, this time i answered and it just said good bye, called it back and said the same thing "GoodBye".

Ellie26 Mar 2014

Received a call from 845-582-1984 - yesterday - Bahi Anil - told me he was Jack from Microsoft and I needed to go turn on my computer. Called him on it right away - this is a scam - he insisted it was not and I hung the phone up on him. Today same number calls - a women is on the phone - just said...

Chris27 Mar 2014

So that beautiful "tear jerking" spiritual, social, religious chain email in your "mail box" "Facebook" etc. sent to you by family and friends may actually contain "Mal-ware" created in a foreign country designed to "hijack" your computer so they can take your personal information, scare you into...

Alice27 Mar 2014

I received a message on my home phone from the same guy but it just wasn't a message. Remember way back when there were party lines? It was as if I was listening in on a conversation from this Anil Bahi saying he was a technician from Microsoft. The women on the other line picked up it was a scam...

Mrs. Esterhouse28 Mar 2014

Likely the same old tired scam claiming the caller is from Microsoft - and you have a computer problem, and to give the caller remote access to your computer. I did not answer the call, and the caller did not leave a message... however if you search for "Anil Bahi", you will find information at '800 Notes'. Number is now blocked.

Larry28 Mar 2014

Called 12 time between yesterday and today. I have need to show number, no blocked numbers. Several calls just shows 845-582-1984, the rest show Anil Bahi. Blocked number now. :)

Betsy01 Apr 2014

Anil Bahi called me as well. He said he was calling back regarding the technical support for my computer. I replied telling him I didn't need any tech support and he hung up. - caller: Anil Bahi from Microsoft

Jon02 Apr 2014

Same as above, scammer - caller: Anil Bahi

Sandra04 Apr 2014

This call just came in from Anil Bahi today. I couldn't understand him and he hung up! I think he was testing to see if we were home?

Chris07 Apr 2014

Have received three calls from this number. I don't answer if I don't recognize the number. The number that showed up on my phone had a few extra digits those being 01, at the front of the number. Wondering if all of the people that received this call also have Windows XP as their operating system and that it really is Microsoft? - caller: No idea

Teresa10 Apr 2014

When I answered I got a recorded "Good By". This, too, was from Bahi Anil. - caller: Bahi Anil

Sophie11 Apr 2014

The same man also called me. I should think by now they get the message. At least speak English! After his speach, I said do not ever call me again.....

Bob17 Apr 2014

Had a call tonight around 9pm a man claims to be from quick com support or something. He said "you are having a problem not receiving windows updates. You need to go to your computer so I can show you". Then the phone clicked and I lost him. The phone number was 011-845-582-1984. It just so happens I called my virus software company and they referred me to a support group while I was on the phone. I did have some problems and after it was fixed my windows update downloaded 40 updates to my computer. hmm...... I'll call support back tomorrow and see it they know this number. - caller: Tech support of some sort

Bob17 Apr 2014

Continued... from my previous message.... it was this morning that I worked with tech support on my computer (not Microsoft). My computer has had a problem for a while and I just got going over the phone. If the guy who called me later was for tech support for Windows, he needs a better way to call people. Just sayin..... - caller: Tech support for Windows

David17 Apr 2014

Same caller same id never answered when I picked up course I didn't say hello either haha

Harry17 Apr 2014

I just got a call from this number and a oriental woman said my computer was sending messages and she wanted me to turn on the computer so she could go over the messages with me. I told her no! and she said "Why not?" I said i didn't know who she was and I was not going to turn on my computer for...

Thomas28 Apr 2014

These number call me on 23/4/2014 nobody answers I check the number and I realize the scmer call a lot of people to control their computers don't give him information and don't let them to control your computer. Don't let someone cheat you and tell you I Technicon support from the Microsoft.

Emma08 May 2014

I just got a call from this number. When I told him that we are on the do not call registry and I do not want to be called again, he attempted to hit on me.

Glory F.29 May 2014

Just received a call from this number....said he was a tech from Microsoft and there was a report that my computer was not getting updates. I told him I work with computers and I knew what he was up to. He just kept saying in a foreign accent, "I am sorry", and hung up. Believe me it is a scam. - caller: 845-582-1984

BRUCE04 Jun 2014

Got a call from this number, pause, then someone said "you die" and hung up. I'm calling police

Jade13 Jun 2014

We have gotten 2 calls from this number with the name: Anil Bahi or something like that. He didn't even say he was with any company and he said his name was George which clearly was not the case. He said our computer is returning lots of error messages every day. I stopped him and said: I do not...

Rebecca19 Jun 2014

Got the Bahi ANil too but I refused to answer, these calls are happening all the time now, even though we are on thedon not call list!

James20 Jun 2014

It's worst than you thought. He said he got my computer from a Microsoft server which reports which computers are not responding to Windows updates which appears to be the case (mine is not working correctly). Now how did he get that info? He also knew the clsid number of my home computer and was...

Jake20 Jun 2014

eat it jerk

Charlotte23 Jun 2014

Robocall said "goodbye" and hung up. PEOPLE! PEOPLE! Remember to report all this garbage to each and every time, too. The more data they have, the better equipped they are to go after these scumbags.

Megan24 Jun 2014

Received a call from Bahi Anil who said he was from Microsoft and was my computer technician. I told him I had my own technician and he told me I was an idiot! I told him I was reportin him to the Federal Trade Commission because I was on the "Do Not Call" list and that his company would be fined...

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