Got a call from 8455821984? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.number was last reported on: 04 Jun 2014.

Megan18 Jul 2014

I also got a call at 8pm tonight from a guy, with caller ID "Anil Bahi", claiming to be a Microsoft technician, and stating that my computer was sending error messages regarding failed software updates, and he was going to show me how to fix the problem. It was funny because I was downloading...

Jamie17 Jul 2014

Just received a call today, Asian lady. Needed me to get on computer because I'm not receiving updates. In the past the calls came in from a man with an accent (arabic, pakastan, indian, ?). After several times with him they had a lady call. Told the lady today that I don't have a computer. She was...

Rebecca16 Jul 2014

Got this call yesterday from a very heavy accented lady saying that my computer was leaking information. She didn't say she was with a company and I didn't give her a chance. I replied "No its not." and hung up.

Adam16 Jul 2014

Got a call from a gentleman with a thick Indian accent from a New York number. He claimed to be with a computer service and said he was "calling about my computer". I was in the middle of dealing with a minor crisis at my house, so it took a minute for me to understand him and realize what he was...

Tom10 Jul 2014

This is the third time that I received a call, all the same saying that Microsoft detected a problem on my computer. be very wary, as they will ask you to type info in your browser, and then you are done !!

Michael09 Jul 2014

Caller named Jeff. Said he was from Copy (can't remember what he said) but they call us once a week saying we have computer problems and we are not receiving messages from Microsoft about the problems. Both my husband and I have talked to them still continue to call. They even called on Thanksgiving...

Joe08 Jul 2014

Received a call from 845-582-1984 and the caller-id said it was Bahi Anil, but the man on the phone who was obviously from India claimed to be Shane Watson when I insisted on his name. He claimed to be from Quick Computer Support and that there was a problem with my computer. i told him out right he...

Shannon02 Jul 2014

just had them call my house twice. You would think that with all the NSA monitoring of private lines they would be able to catch this guy.

Joe02 Jul 2014

I just received the same call from 845-582-1984. He said my computer was giving then error messages as well and am I at my computer..I let him have IT!! I said you and people like you have called before about my computer. NO one from microsoft would call anyone! He says, " Did I say I was from...

Charlotte30 Jun 2014

Same scan with the 845-582-1984. Received several calls stating that they were from Microsoft and that my computer was bouncing back updates, so of course, they could help if I would log onto my computer and let them help me. Blocked the number on my iPhone!

Lewis30 Jun 2014

He's still at it. I just received a call from him with the same story. My called ID just gave his number from Brewster, NY. Altho I knew all along it was a scam because I've heard about this before today. I played along with him. He was concerned about my Windows computer not getting Microsoft...

Megan24 Jun 2014

Received a call from Bahi Anil who said he was from Microsoft and was my computer technician. I told him I had my own technician and he told me I was an idiot! I told him I was reportin him to the Federal Trade Commission because I was on the "Do Not Call" list and that his company would be fined...

Charlotte23 Jun 2014

Robocall said "goodbye" and hung up. PEOPLE! PEOPLE! Remember to report all this garbage to each and every time, too. The more data they have, the better equipped they are to go after these scumbags.

Jake20 Jun 2014

eat it jerk

James20 Jun 2014

It's worst than you thought. He said he got my computer from a Microsoft server which reports which computers are not responding to Windows updates which appears to be the case (mine is not working correctly). Now how did he get that info? He also knew the clsid number of my home computer and was...

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