Got a call from 8556785437? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.number was last reported on: 12 Aug 2014.

Luke04 Jun 2014

The names of the two guys running this scam are: Justin Tata Jamie C.o.o.n.s (apparently the comment filter thinks this is a racial epithet) They are out of Tonawanda, New York Last known address: 31 Joseph Drive Apartment C Tonawanda, New York 14150 In addition to the above aliases they have also...

Emma07 May 2014

oh yes I have spoke with Investigator Henson several times and Investigator Henderson and others they got all my information as well from a payday loan in 2006 or 7 they love hanging up on people now it is my turn I am going after them til my dying breath enough is enough they are scammers

Zoe02 May 2014

stop these scams low life crooks need b jailed call my job family ne one then can threatin

Sarah17 Apr 2014

I keep getting these phone calls with the same message that they are looking an individual or the defendant. I don't even answer the phone when I see these numbers. They had the nerve to call my cell and my dad's cell at the same time or they call the home number and my cell at the same time. They...

Ryan12 Apr 2014

These dorks are calling from a variety of numbers! 1) 888-511-4248 2) 855-256-4037 3) 855-678-5437 I'm sure there's more, but I just started jotting 'em down recently.

Brenda11 Apr 2014

called about my almost ex-husband with a case number. When I returned the call, I got a voice mail saying I had reached the investigation division, to leave my name and number and the case number.

Adam09 Apr 2014

These people are calling me and my daughter stating I am a criminal and owe money to them. I have received nothing in the mail. The post office has nothing for me. They have a accent from another country and sound very angry. I do not owe them any money.

HL04 Apr 2014

They keep calling my company cell phone and asking if this is so and so and press 1 if it is or 2 if its not.

Tiffany03 Apr 2014

Someone from this number has called my daughter's phone, my BOSS at work, and even my husband's phone threating to take them to jail for with holding my Social Security number from them!!! They have harassed all of my family for a debt they say I owe, and I know nothing of... I wonder how these individuals get the numbers of others and why make up a lie?!!! I have called the police and made several complaints about this number and others that bother you and your friends.. Anita Barns was her name and then, there was a man name James Patterson. They both had accients (with American names)...LOL really?

williams02 Apr 2014

They called 3 weeks ago and I asked them to send me paperwork on the account for my daughter. Still waiting and have called them and left message for them to call me and they have not.

Chris02 Apr 2014

Called my cell phone and I missed the call. I called back and spoke to a female that spoke really fast.....she said she was with Reynolds & Hills Associate; she claims she was an investigator. She asked me if I wanted to make a counter offer for the amount I was being sued; $3,000; she could work with me if I named another amount (I bet she could) I said no, I don't want to make a counter offer, I would rather go to court. So, she then claimed she had to transfer me to her "closer" department (what a riot) and rude Ryan Chase gets on the phone and verify my address and hang up as he pronouces "I will see you in court"; some one truly need to stop this madness!!!

Billie02 Apr 2014

They called my ex-husband looking for me, I have been divorced for 16 years. Just left the 855-678-5437 call back number and a case number.

Chanel02 Apr 2014

They are a bunch of idiots! I received a call stating that I owe debt and that they are going to file charges if I do not pay. The bad part is that they will have your last four of your social to make it seem like it's all real, but they are just scams! Do not fall for it at all! Do not provide any information to them and just hang up. Luckily for me, I told them I do not even know what they are talking about and that I will get my lawyer to look into this and of course, she hung up. Be aware and be cautious! Do not feed into this scam!

Heather 02 Apr 2014

They called me saying I owed a lot of money from some cash smart advantage and I googled that info and I just brings up different companies who want pay day loans. The told me he was calling from Reynolds and hill associate's but when you Google there name doesn't even show up as an actual company. When I was on the phone with them I asked how much borrowed, when did I take it out they refused to give me that info and told me they were going to take me to court so I said take me court. So I called back again and got someone else they told me I owed a different amt. This place is a scam don't answer it.

bif02 Apr 2014

looking for a person not in our household if I know this person or how to contact them to call this number there are charges or a file on this person

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