Got a call from 8584017478? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.number was last reported on: 19 May 2014.

Tom19 May 2014

Received a call from this number a short time ago,which I did not recognize or message! Caller I D shows EDF ORG?? .

Rachel08 May 2014


Callum28 Apr 2014

San Diego CA 858-401-7478 (I don't pick up on numbers unknown to me.)

frank v21 Apr 2014

I,my daughter and my son all have been getting calls from this # as well as a few other #s all belong to the world def fund,,,it is part of the Democratic fund raising system using the environment as a cause,,,the government no call list is useless against these calls where do you think the political party got your #s from to begin with

Joshua17 Apr 2014

Recieved call from: 858-401-7478 Country: USA Location: California No voice mail left - I am getting way to many of these type calls these days. I am on the DNC list to no avail. Government is very broken. The NSA/FBI/CIA needs to track down these law breakers and shove pins in thier digitus minimus...

Jake15 Apr 2014

Anyone whi says they called this number back is a b***s***ter. Dial the number and get a message "this number cannot be reached by this method"

Liam15 Apr 2014

They just called me looking for me. I didn't pick up

Adam12 Apr 2014

Please stop calling my phone number 9192474695. Take me off your list!

Georgia10 Apr 2014

They have called at least twice this month. I answer and say sternly quit calling me - then I hear a click. Sure wish they would get a clue and quit calling me.

Laura26 Mar 2014

"sissylou" - EDF is not a non-profit organized criminal organization. What a shame that the work they do to protect the environment benefits ignorant people such as you, as well as people concerned about the environment.

Emily26 Mar 2014

Got a call this morning at 9AM and was asked for by name. Guy would not provide his name and babbled about health insurance. Another scammer. After reading the other responses I believe they changed their name but it is still the same old thieves.

Nathan26 Mar 2014

OK: I got YET ANOTHER call! On 3/25/14 at 8:34 PM CT. SERIOUSLY???? TODAY I got the following: 2 from Cincinnati/2 from Milwaukee/2 from Naperville/1 from Kent WA* & 2 from Market Probe. ELLL is going KRAZY with these FOOL$! I thought there was a law against these late calls!

Caitlin26 Mar 2014

Got this call, didn't answer, no message left. I do not want them calling me.

cathykatkitkat25 Mar 2014

stop calling my phone number

Matthew24 Mar 2014

Got a call this morning from someone named EDF Fund. My calls are blocked by NOMORPBO, thankfully. This is a new number but still a pain. STOP CALLING!!!

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