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Jamie19 Mar 2014

Did not answer and no msg left. Caller ID showed "EDF ORG" which could be "Environmental Defense Fund". If so, probably looking for a donation. Nope, not going to happen...

Olivia19 Mar 2014

call around 9:30 am .. id says EDF Org same as above note .. did not answer do not know where they got my number .. not a happy camper :( I do not donate to non profit organized criminals .. if I donate anything ever it will be to my local community .. Charity begins at HOME :)

Jessica19 Mar 2014

about 9:30 this morning.

Callum19 Mar 2014

I received the same call but did not answer and no message left.

Emily20 Mar 2014

I have no idea who this is and I don't want them calling me.

Hannah22 Mar 2014

No message other than hello & who calling for - pleasant voice. So I did *69 number recall and yes EDF with option for delete from call list or for anything else including info, how to get involved or to donate refers you to their website. How low key. This was actually an organization I had wanted...

Beth22 Mar 2014

My experience is similar to Jamie's. Creepy indeed. Caller ID showed "San Diego CA".

Joe22 Mar 2014

why do I and my daughter get these calls? they call every no matter what

Chris24 Mar 2014

called me exactly at 9:30 am on 3/24, caller ID also showed San Diego, CA...that is creepy! I live in PA..

Shannon24 Mar 2014

I'm so tired of calls from stuff lately. This AM: 3/24/14 @ 10:02 on the Landline, here's yet another 1. Even if it IS legit, I would be the 1 to call if I was interested.

Matthew24 Mar 2014

Got a call this morning from someone named EDF Fund. My calls are blocked by NOMORPBO, thankfully. This is a new number but still a pain. STOP CALLING!!!

cathykatkitkat25 Mar 2014

stop calling my phone number

Caitlin26 Mar 2014

Got this call, didn't answer, no message left. I do not want them calling me.

Nathan26 Mar 2014

OK: I got YET ANOTHER call! On 3/25/14 at 8:34 PM CT. SERIOUSLY???? TODAY I got the following: 2 from Cincinnati/2 from Milwaukee/2 from Naperville/1 from Kent WA* & 2 from Market Probe. ELLL is going KRAZY with these FOOL$! I thought there was a law against these late calls!

Emily26 Mar 2014

Got a call this morning at 9AM and was asked for by name. Guy would not provide his name and babbled about health insurance. Another scammer. After reading the other responses I believe they changed their name but it is still the same old thieves.

Laura26 Mar 2014

"sissylou" - EDF is not a non-profit organized criminal organization. What a shame that the work they do to protect the environment benefits ignorant people such as you, as well as people concerned about the environment.

Georgia10 Apr 2014

They have called at least twice this month. I answer and say sternly quit calling me - then I hear a click. Sure wish they would get a clue and quit calling me.

Adam12 Apr 2014

Please stop calling my phone number 9192474695. Take me off your list!

Liam15 Apr 2014

They just called me looking for me. I didn't pick up

Jake15 Apr 2014

Anyone whi says they called this number back is a b***s***ter. Dial the number and get a message "this number cannot be reached by this method"

Joshua17 Apr 2014

Recieved call from: 858-401-7478 Country: USA Location: California No voice mail left - I am getting way to many of these type calls these days. I am on the DNC list to no avail. Government is very broken. The NSA/FBI/CIA needs to track down these law breakers and shove pins in thier digitus minimus...

frank v21 Apr 2014

I,my daughter and my son all have been getting calls from this # as well as a few other #s all belong to the world def fund,,,it is part of the Democratic fund raising system using the environment as a cause,,,the government no call list is useless against these calls where do you think the political party got your #s from to begin with - caller: World def fund

Callum28 Apr 2014

San Diego CA 858-401-7478 (I don't pick up on numbers unknown to me.)

Rachel08 May 2014


Tom19 May 2014

Received a call from this number a short time ago,which I did not recognize or message! Caller I D shows EDF ORG?? .

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