Got a call from 9043002557? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 27 May 2014.

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jk19 Dec 2013

no message just rings and hang up

 24 Mar 2014

they call and ask a lot of medical questions and offers a compensation..bogus..

Amy25 Mar 2014

I made the mistake of answering the phone when this number called -- some sort of mesh for bladder surgery or something. Hard to say exactly with the heavy foreign accent. I asked them where they got my number (cell phone) and told them to never call again. Right... ignored a call yesterday from...

Axel Lanausse25 Mar 2014

We made the mistake of answering the phone when this number called -- offering some sort of mesh for bladder surgery or something similar, we had already ignored a call yesterday from this same number and ignored it again the earlier today, so finally we decided to answer, although reluctantly. Hard to understand with the heavy Bengali accent. When my wife told them that we were not interested and asked where they got our number (cell phone), and told them politely to never call again, the guy started to insult us, then hung up.

Emma27 Mar 2014

Ever since I signed up for health insurance from the Marketplace I have been getting these calls. WTF the govt sold out number!

Kathy10 Apr 2014

Today they called 7 x before I picked up asked me if someone in my family had bladder surgery. I told them not to call back anymore - caller: 904=300-2557

Olivia21 Apr 2014

These people have called me several times today, claiming to be a follow up call on a recent medical procedure. I asked the man with the thick accent if he was with my insurance company. He said Yes. I really couldn't understand him and ended up hanging up apologetically. He keeps trying to call me...

Emma21 Apr 2014

They asked me about surgery or medial assistant told them I do not want calls from them heavy foreign accent ask to be taken off the list. Hung up twice in one day

Claudette02 May 2014

May 2, 2014 Got a call from this 904-300-2557. Yep, heavy accent, could barely understand a word he was saying except something about medical compensation. And I was like, "What?! What?! Who are you?! Where are you calling from?! --to which he said Miami, FL. I said 2 things to him: 1) Florida is the scam capital of the U.S. 2) I'm not giving you my medical history over the phone. At which point he asked for my email address so that we could discuss it by email instead of by phone. Really?!!!!!! He kept babbling about had I had surgery since year 2000, whatever, whatever... I just hung up. What's curious is that he called my cell phone. Two days ago another scammer called my cell -- this one from the "U.S. Federal Grant Dept" in Washington D.C. (202-697-7222) wanting to give me a grant for $10,000 -- free and clear. Google listed for plenty of info on that scam. - caller: Medical Compensation...

Jake07 May 2014

I KEEP getting calls from this company, and I tell them EVERY single time, do NOT call back, take me off the list. I am being harassed…also sexually, as they are calling me 'baby' and saying things like 'you are so beautiful'. How do I get it to stop. They are also mimicking me when I ask what...

Bethany09 May 2014

yup me too, I keep getting calls about some sort of bladder surgery. several times a day- they also call from a numerbin connecticut. i hang up and lately have been tellign tem that I track the numerb and am reproting them.

Jack12 May 2014

I got the same call and what I do on ANY CALLS that I do not recognize, I IMMEDIATELY start punching numbers repeatedly for a 15-20 seconds to annoy them. (Example: 9999999999999 or 5555555555555) It seems to work for me.

Olivia15 May 2014

How do we stop the calls. I have asked them several times NOT to call me. They won't stop.

Josh19 May 2014

get call daily but I do not answer them cause I do not know who they are, I did not call them to ask for information.

Jordan23 May 2014

I've been receiving calls like this since I moved to California a year ago. Since they ask for me by name, the ONLY way they could have gotten my unlisted phone # is from my initial registration with Covered CA. Although I've never had a bladder or vaginal mesh surgery, I have asked the "heavily...

Laura27 May 2014

Would not take no for an answer. I asked for his home phone number to call them back at my convience did not like that answer. Told him repeatedly not to call back and to take me off of their caller list. Became very rude!

Luke25 Jun 2014

Am going to report to AG's Office

Beth26 Jun 2014

I got a call today from the same people asking f I had any major surgery.

Georgia02 Jul 2014

Called my DNC registered cell twice on 6/4/14. I don't answer callers not in my contacts list. This is a scam and I blocked the number.

Harry17 Jul 2014

Called me 4 times and hung up after 2 rings.. I answered on 5th call. All I understood was her name was Crystal. I told her to remove me from her call list because I was on a Do Not Call Registry. Very rude because I couldn't understand what she was saying because of her thick accent and she finally...

Scott04 Aug 2014

I've gotten numerous calls from this number, but I haven't answered any of them. I'm almost really tempted to answer and mess with them back. Stupid scams

Jade06 Aug 2014

I have been getting calls from this number for months. I never answer them. They call my cell twice a day. 1st call around 4:30PM , second call always around 7:30PM. The reason I tell all of you this in order to file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission you have to keep records for 3 months...

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