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Alex18 Mar 2014

Received at 5:12p. No message left.

Beth19 Mar 2014

Received at 7:40 pm. No message left

Rebecca19 Mar 2014

Received at 3:55 pm. The caller informed me that my computer was receiving harmful messages whenever me or somebody in my family used the internet. She stated that the purpose of the call was to inform me of these messages. I hung up at that point. I had a very difficult time understanding the...

William19 Mar 2014

Whatever you do, do not give them access to your computer through the internet!!! I played along for a bit to see their intent (with internet access disconnected) First they want you to pull up the event viewer through the root directory (even after i explained it can be done without going to root)...

Joe19 Mar 2014

Similar message, except it was a man, and he had an accent. I hung up before he got too far in the script.

Harry20 Mar 2014

They just called me claiming to be from an IT dept and wanted to know if I was the main user the home computer. I told them that I didn't know what they were talking about nor do I know where they are calling from and that they just better just hang up. Then, I hung up.

Joshua20 Mar 2014

985-564-0064 Called claiming to be with tech helpline that an unusual amount of data was being generating errors. I told him my computer was working fine, what was the purpose of the call. He repeated the lies, mentioning facebook, I asked if he was with facebook, he said no, then put some else on...

Joe20 Mar 2014

Got a call here at the law office. Man with an accent told me he was calling from PC Speedy with a warning message. I played along with him pretending to I was fully invested in his spiel....until he asked me to start using the ctrl key (actually spoken as CTRL, not control) when I told him I...

Beth20 Mar 2014

I told him that he was one of the criminals my local tv station was talking about. I then pushed the blacklist button on my call blocker. They will have to hijack a different number for next time. Don't let them get to your computer!!

Georgia20 Mar 2014

Got a call from said number. Hung up as soon as I could hear it was going to be a pitch of some sort.

Ben21 Mar 2014

Just received a call from a guy with an Indian Se Asian accent accent. He knew my name (though pronounced incorrectly) which is kinda scary. Said I had malicious software on my computer that he had to help me remove. Never mentioned a company name (red flag one), told me I had to get on my computer...

James21 Mar 2014

Caller asked me to get in front of my computer. I asked again and again to give me his name/position/company name. He insulted me with profanity and hung up. *69 the number and here I am. Never let anyone lead to your PC/Tablet unless you instigate the computer work.

Chloe21 Mar 2014

Left no message. Naming this # 'do not answer'.

Luke21 Mar 2014

It is a scam. They will ask you to go through your computer so you can see how many times it micro crashes. Just want to sell you some software that will open up your computer to them.

Megan21 Mar 2014

Same thing! I played along for a while too just because I couldn't believe the audacity of it! Phishing over the phone. That was a new one on me. When I asked him how he got my number and asked him to remove it from their data base, he said, angrily, "why? why? why?" That takes some cojones!

Thomas21 Mar 2014

Albert just called saying from IT support to fix my computer, I know my IT guy told nope sorry no computer scam someone else and hung up on him.

Callum21 Mar 2014

received for the first time today at 4:13 p.m. I have caller ID and it showed up as "Unknown", rang 4 times and hung up. I live in Va. Beach, Va.

Jade22 Mar 2014

Yes, I had the same experience as you. Creeps will do just about anything to get your money or information.

Ben22 Mar 2014

Oh I forgot to mention, he asked me for $99.00 to fix the issues he said I had.

Nathan22 Mar 2014

Same as others on here..............SCAM...

Emma22 Mar 2014


Jade22 Mar 2014

So far we have received 2 calls from this number. The first time they didn't leave a message. Today they left a message, but it was just some lady going "Hello??..... Hello?...." The called ID just says Out of Area with the phone number.

Caitlin22 Mar 2014

I to decided to play with this caller. Said computer was slow. I have Linux Server and several work stations. I was a net admin at a community college. I asked which computer was slow. He asked how many computers. I gave a number. He hung up. I did not even get to play before the chicken ran. LOL

Ben22 Mar 2014

Called just now. Did not answer as it was no one I know. They did not leave a message.

Josh23 Mar 2014

Answered the phone and said they were calling about my Windows computer. I Immidiately knew it was a scam, but played along for awhile (Like to have a little fun). I asked which computer. He said the one with Windows. I said I had several computers with Windows. After going back and forth many times...

Alex23 Mar 2014

Went through a spiel and then when I said I was not interested, proceeded to tell me that would've been helpful to say to him before he went into his spiel. How would I know I wasn't interested (which I wasn't) before he told me what he wanted??

Daniel24 Mar 2014

Caller with accent, warning me of things on my computer... I know the scam so went along for a bit. When "she?" Asked me if I was in front of my computer I said yes and it switched to a mans voice who asked me what I could see on my computer. I said icons. He said do you see blah, blah? I said I'm...

Josh24 Mar 2014

Same as above. As soon as he said he was with Windows I knew it was a scam. My son works as a tech at our Microsoft store and has had numerous customers inquire about calls like this. He always tells them that Microsoft would never call them out of the blue with fixes when they don't report...

Zoe24 Mar 2014

Received a call today...did not answer....called stayed on and kept saying my name and can you hear me, are you there? Glad I didn't pick it up. This has been happening for a while least 2 weeks. Last week's message was a whole lot of discussions in the back ground that I could not...

Lucy24 Mar 2014

They called my house and told me there was an error on my computer and he would tell me how to fix it. They had called me about 2 years before and I did everything he told me too and then had to get everything out of my computer and change all passwords. This time I went along with him and when he...

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