Got a call from 9855640064? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.number was last reported on: 28 Apr 2014.

Sophie26 Jun 2014

You always here about all the internet & telephone scams. You think to yourself, "I'd never fall for that", well don't be so sure. One day I answered the phone & a male with a thick accent tells me he's calling me from "windows" (1st) about the trouble I've been having with my computer. (2nd) he...

Dan28 Apr 2014

I get these calls about once a month. Twice so far today. They call and say that my computer has been hacked and that they need me to turn it off and then they will tell me how to proceed. I always tell them that I have five computers running and that they need to give me the IP address to the one that has been hacked. Today they told me to turn any of them off and that they could solve the problem. Knowing that this is a scam, I keep them on the line as long as I can just to irritate them as much as possible. Eventually they get mad and call names before hanging-up. I actually look forward to the calls. It can be a lot of fun during an otherwise boring day.

Paul26 Apr 2014

Got a call from 1-985-564-0064 on 4/25/2014 at 5:49 PM. A male with an Indian accent told me my computer had a problem, and he needed to work on it. I immediately recognized this as some kind of scam. He asked me to go to my computer. I was cooking at the time, but I played along and said that I was there. He asked me to look at my keyboard. In the lower left corner, he said, there is a key called "CTRL". He asked me what the key was next to it. I delayed and asked him "Isn't it usually the Windows key?" And he asked me again the same question. I delayed and said, "I'm looking." Eventually I said the "Fn" key (which is actually true). He got very agitated. After a pause, he muttered "Stupid", and then hung up. Your best defense against these people is to waste as much of their time as possible. The longer you keep them on the line, the less they will bother other people, and the less successful they will be. Since I knew what was going on, I actually enjoyed the experience! I had a great time making this man upset.

Sarah24 Apr 2014

I got the same call today.What an idiot! I guess he thinks we Americans are as stupid as he is!

Rebecca24 Apr 2014

They are Indian scammer/extortionists. Being basically phone criminals, they ignore all US laws. They are currently bullet-proof and they know it. Your best bet it s a call blocker.

Harry23 Apr 2014

Called me No msg left

Emma22 Apr 2014

I just received a call from this company today. The person calling did not ID himself, but said that the call was about my computer. I quickly disconnected.

Charlotte22 Apr 2014

Received at 1:21p. No message left.

Lauren22 Apr 2014

I've gotten calls from this number three times in the past couple weeks, but apparently I'm intimidating because they won't even talk to me! I say hello several times and they never answer. Oh well. I do love yelling at these kinds of callers.

Sarah17 Apr 2014

I got the same call a few minutes ago from 985-564-0064. I knew right away that it was scam and told him so and hung up on him.

Jake17 Apr 2014

I got the same call. Scam trying to get access information so he could get into my computer and "fix it" for me. Sounded like some Asian accent type person. I told him he was a sorry no good son of a bi***..and he hung up...

Emma17 Apr 2014

Got this same call today!

William12 Apr 2014

Got another call from this number today. Told him I know that this is a scam and he keep saying this is not a scam. He keep telling me to log in to my computer, I told him to go to hell and never call my number again. He keep talking until I had enough and hung up! Hope they locate these people...

Thomas12 Apr 2014

This phone # has placed 3-4 calls to my phone. They mentioned Microsoft and said someone could be hacking into my computer. I couldn't understand the lady speaking on the phone due to her heavy accent, so I told her to put her supervisor on the phone or someone who spoke better English. A young man...

Emily12 Apr 2014

I got the same message but it was a guy, one of those that you can't hardly understand. I just hung up. My call was at 4:45pm central.

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